Thursday, October 23, 2008

More on Proposition 8 - please read, please help!

As Contented and happy my last post was, now you get to hear the other side of Sheryl. I sent this email out this morning, so if it is a repeat to you.... sorry, but not really. As you know I work in the Public school system, and,my boss assured me this morning as I told him my story, that this just would not be happening here, "Not in California". WRONG!!
Hey my dear friends and family,

Last night as I was watching a bit of TV, a commercial came on that struck a cord with me that got me on my computer and I wrote a letter to Jack O’Connell, Superintendent of Education for the State of California. This man is an elected official, and last night, he personally came on with the No on 8 campaign. I strongly feel he has stepped outside the bounds of his position as he did this. He stated that the Yes side of the campaign is misleading, and that children will not be involved whatsoever. But I received an email this morning. That states that today is “Coming Out” day at a school up north.

I Googled this school, and while this is a Charter School, it is also a Public School. I then Googled the Pacific Justice Institute, and this was from their website directly, along with how outraged the California Teachers are that their Union has chosen to use their dues without their permission to donate 1.25 million dollars to the No on 8 campaign. The Liberal Union Leaders are on their own agenda and not supporting those they represent. This is an evil assault on all that we know to be right and true. Please get writing letters and emails to all you can.

October 22, 2008

Parents at a K-8 charter school in Hayward were shocked to learn this week the extent to which their school is promoting gay and lesbian ideals to their daughter in kindergarten. The parents were shocked to see a poster announcing that "Coming Out Day" will be celebrated at the school this coming Thursday, October 23. The school, Faith Ringgold School of Art and Science, chose not to tell parents ahead of time, but it is in the midst of celebrating "Ally Week," a pro-homosexual push typically aimed at high school students. When one mother asked her daughter earlier this week what she was learning in kindergarten at the school, the 5-year-old replied, "We're learning to be allies." The mother also learned that her daughter's kindergarten classroom is regularly used during lunchtime for meetings of a Gay Straight Alliance club.

Later this week, the school is slated to talk about families. The parents have noticed several posters promoting families, all of which depict only homosexual families. More controversial discussions can be expected through next week, as the elementary school continues to celebrate Gay and Lesbian History Month. On November 20, the school will host TransAction Gender-Bender Read-Aloud, where students will hear adapted tales such as "Jane and the Beanstalk." These parents are being advised by attorneys from Pacific Justice Institute. Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, "Do we need any further proof that gay activists will target children as early as possible? Opponents of traditional marriage keep telling us that Prop. 8 has nothing to do with education. In reality, they want to push the gay lifestyle on kindergartners, and we can only imagine how much worse it will be if Prop. 8 is defeated. This is not a scenario most Californians want replayed in their elementary schools."

Take a stand,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Weekend of FAMILY!

(My Pictures are not downloading - I will add later)

We had a wonderful weekend of family, being surrounded by our kids, and reminders of family and extended family events. Dinners,bridal showers, and a Stake Conference that was full of reminders of the blessings of a righteous family. It mostly has helped me to spend some time reflecting on the goodness of life and the blessings of an Eternal family.

I once again feel deep love and have a renewed appreciation for an incredible husband and father in my Russell. He served an honorable mission, has always been obedient to the Lord. Has great clarity in doing what is right, and in so doing, has been a great example to our children. With six sons and two daughters, a dad’s roll is multifaceted. I have seen our sons follow in footsteps of Integrity, Testimony, Service, and Unconditional Love that is their dad. I know my daughters are very aware of how he treats me and them, and know that is what they can expect as they also choose well, a strong man of faith. I am so blessed.

It was great having Jackson and Heidi here. So comforting to hear my baby babble in his bed first thing in the morning. Smiling that Jackson smile as I open the door. Seeing my girl asleep here at my home at peace in slumber. They truly take a piece of my heart everytime they leave. I watch them go to get on the plane, and wonder if it is ever going to get any easier, I don’t think so. I think as the opportunities to spend time together are harder to create, I can’t wrap my mind or heart around that. So I enjoy while I can when I can. Thanks to Matt for sharing!

Having my Randi and my boys and sweet wives want to be here to spend time together with Heidi and our family was amazing. When we all sat down together last Sunday for dinner, I just sighed, and said “everyone’s here”. Jordan said “mom, not everyone”. That was so true. We missed Brendon, Stephanie, Matt, and Cody a lot these two Sundays that we ate together and relaxed and played. My mind is buzzing for creating a trip to Missouri to see my kids. That is a big undertaking, but it will happen. I need to see where their life is taking place.

Elder Russell M. Nelson in Conference said:
“The noblest yearning of the human heart is for a marriage that can endure beyond death. Fidelity to a temple marriage does that. It allows families to be together forever. This goal is glorious. All Church activities, advancements, quorums, and classes are means to the end of an exalted family.”
This Sunday Skyler was sustained to be ordained an Elder in Stake Conference. I am so grateful that this is the path we as a family are striving to be on. Any chance we have to recommit to it all is great. I feel my Heavenly Father’s love today in gratitude for this journey we have taken so far together, and pray for the outcome we are seeking for.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Magic Day at the Magic Kingdom!

Thanks to our friend Wes, we got to get into Disneyland for the day. Jackson, Heidi, Skyler and Me. Having grown up in So.Cal., I have been many times in my life, but the usual crowd accompanied me...the nerve! But not on Wednesday! I have never been when the crowd was so light and easily navigated. Skyler was able to go on 4 major rides in an hour, and there was only a couple of rides that we really had a wait longer than about 15 minutes. We loved the Fall decor, hadn't seen that before. Goofy stopped to talk to J, but not long enough to take a picture with him. We visited ToonTown first

Our little man got very excited over the Buzz Lightyear toy, that later that day, when we saw one again, Gramma had to get! How can you pass up that face! Then on to Fantasyland. Jackson did not care too much for Toad's Wild Ride, the Carousel was okay.... but Dumbo, now there is a ride for this boy!this was a great shot we saw many times in the day. The guys doing what guys do!

posing with Mickey-O-Lantern,Then on to California Adventure for the last couple of hoursAt the end of a long day, we were tired, but glad for the day together. Our little guy looking weary....

and a BIG THANKS to Wes for the fun!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Proposition 8 - There is nothing like a family walking and growing in the light of the Lord! Take the time to watch this video and you will appreciate thru the eyes of a talented sister and photographer what it is all about!

Vote. Stand for truth, love. Know what you know, and let your world know too.

Monday, October 13, 2008

They're Here!

My Heidi and my Jackson are here! We have been having some fun! He was so cute at the airport, smiley, and letting gramma love on him. We have had fun just relaxing and playing and watching him be the cutie that he is. He loves his uncle Skyler, and he is so excited to see him. Skyler is definitely his favorite guy to hang out with

this is Jackson's cool biker look! He is so funny! It's so hard to believe he is 18 months old already!

All of our family who lives here in So. Cal, came over for dinner and a family fireside last night. We played a fun game of "Everything you should have learned in Primary". Grant and Randi conferencing over a Primary song.... Grant and Julia having good laughs, good times. Jordan thinking over some great factual Church history.They all had a good visit with Heidi and Jackson.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

TAG! 4-4

This is a FUN tag! Tagged by my daughter in law Breana!
What you do is go to your picture files...
open your 4th folder...
open your 4th picture,
and that is the one you post!
What a SHOCK HUH? My picture files are pretty full of this handsome guy! Hard to believe he is going to be 18 months next week!!

I tag Stephanie, Holli, Emily B., Emily T., Melinda, Jeanine

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tagged - quirky quirks!

Quirky quirks. Defined - a peculiar trait : idiosyncrasy.

My friend Kris tagged me to share 6 quirks of my own. So I thought....
I have to use separate knifes when I spread peanut butter and jelly. It is actually good for the peanut butter not to have jelly in it and visa-versa.#2

I have to scramble eggs in a separate bowl before cooking them, unlike my husband who just cracks them into the pan and scrambles them there, and does not understand my need to prescramble...#3

I have to take the fastest route from point A to point B. The least amount of stops, and lights etc. My husband teaches me patience by taking the "scenic route" going the round about way to get somewhere.

I have to brush my teeth before I can put on my mascara. Inevitably I would have to redo my makeup as my mascara would dab black spots under my eyes while I brush my teeth, and that would lead to redoing concealer, foundation, powder, blush, mascara...yikes!#5

I have to wear earrings. The days I leave for some reason without, it bugs me all day. I feel unfinished. #6

I have to wear shoes that are easy on easy off..... No buckle straps around my ankles. My feet have claustrophobia.

So there you have it....the six I could think of today.... (I am sure there are many more) We all have em you gonna share yours too?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Charmed Life!

I was a bit late into the Italian charm bracelet craze. Mostly due to cost of the charms, but I loved that you could find just about anything at the time that you wanted to add to your bracelet. Mostly I received the charms as gifts from my friends at work, and found some on sale, and hadn't really thought about adding anymore since the mall kiosks have long gone, and they have mostly disappeared from retail.
I wear my bracelet often, and had a few charms in my jewelry box waiting to add to another bracelet, as mine was full.I recieved a charm for my birthday, representing my anniversary, and this sparked a thought that maybe you could buy them online. sure enough.... I found some good sites that I purchased from with some birthday money generously given by my friends at work. I found, and most of theirs are $1.95, and a bit more expensive, but had buy 2 get one free last week, and coolcharms has quite a big selection,and you can order custom charms like my Jackson 4/15/07.
I rearranged the charms that I had, and my bracelets are, one - mostly me, and my likes, and my Russell. Then I put in succession on the second, a story of my kids, there are more than my bracelet can hold, so I need a 3rd bracelet still. I was hoping pictures would be clear, but alas... no such luck...
So imagine with me, the bolded titles are what I have for each kiddo, and more to come!
First Garen - missionary in Wisconsin- shape of the state, drum set charm

Randi - mission in Idaho, she loves to travel and collects globes, my first volleyball player (4 to follow), she and Heidi's favorite flower - yellow tulips

Heidi (yellow tulip 2), married her golfer Matt, they created my baby Jackson 4/15/07, live in Colorado.

Brendon served in the Philippines,my boy who learned to sail(boat), married his marathon girl, Stephanie, they are now on an ADVNTURE in Missouri, so he can wear a stethascope and become a Dr. Brendon is a surfer with Grant, and his dad.

Grant served in Brazil, married his Ballerina, Julia,in the San Diego Temple,

Jordan , who drives a baja bug, returned from the land of Lighthouses, serving in North Carolina, and married his Breana, who loves to read books.

Cody, our gaming nerd on the computer, is serving in Honduras,

Skyler is our Skater and loves his skateboard, and is a dirt bike rider!

So the bracelet is already too big, and I am not sure how to divide it up, but it has been fun to look down this week and think of my amazing kids, their wonderful choices, and talents, and our 5 new family members because of it all.....