Thursday, April 30, 2009

10 years and counting!

It is crazy to think, but I am about to receive my 10 year service pin for being an official employee of the Corona-Norco USD. When my kids were small, and babies were still coming, for 19 years I did things at home to add to the family income. I crafted and tole painted items to sell, I did daycare at my home for 9 years. Then when Skyler was in second grade and the last of my daycare kids moved away, I started substituting in the school district. The first year and a half, I subbed where ever they needed. I was a Health Clerk (glorified mommy) dispensing medications, cleaning boo-boo’s, amazing how good I was at that!! Then I tried my hand at classroom assisting…that was okay, but too much down time for me. Then I started doing Clerical subbing….my niche. I could interact with the kids, parents and staff, and keep busy. There are always things to do in a school office.
I came to Victress Bower as a long term sub. I actually almost turned the job down. But I came and fell in love with the students, staff, and the family atmosphere that is Bower. What an incredible place of love and dignity. I have shared a few things before, but this is a great “work family” to be surrounded by daily. Recently my sister-in-law asked me how I liked my job. Truth be told, I would much rather be at home taking care of things there, that has gone out of control this last 11 ½ years….BUT, since I do have to work right now, there is nowhere I would rather spend my days.
I really do know that the Lord has blessed me with this job. I am close to home, work my 8 hour days, go home to be a wife, mom, gramma, servant of the Lord. I am very grateful for the Lord’s guidance and blessings for this “working mom”.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Uncle Gerald came for a visit!

Russell is the oldest of 10 children. 6 boys (we are missing Robert here) and 4 girls. Russell is just under 6'2", so you can see here, these are some tall guys! Most of the sibs are here in So.Cal. exceptions being Barbara in Oakland, and Gerald and his crew in North Carolina. Fabulous thing is when Jordan was serving in North Carolina, his first area was smack dab in Gerald and Kim's Stake, so since he was a Spanish speaking Elder....he was able to go to their home for his First Thanksgiving and Christmas in Raleigh. Too cool. They took very good care of him. A few years and a few beard hairs later.....

Gerald took a bit of a detour to come and see the family over the weekend between business stops. The guys went to a Jazz concert/show in L.A. on Saturday night, then last night the family came together to do what we do best, eat, talk, laugh and enjoy the lovin'!
So here are some pics of the clan and our fun with fab Uncle Gerald. Getting ready to pull the little cousins in the wagon...
Thomas is ready for a ride!Weeeeee!!!Marie is the baby of the with her fun hubby Rick (parents of Lucy, Thomas, and Wally..Aunt Sara and her little Kate-ers!
Here's to enjoyin' the FAM!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Warren Pitt - My Dad

This is my dad. He has kept us on our toes the last few weeks. He has been in the hospital twice this month with complications from his diabetes. The first week, it was hard seeing him there as he looked frail and sick for the first time in his 75 years. His kidneys were failing, and his heart was at risk because of it. He went home after getting everything back in control. Then back in this week, to care for his leg wound.

It is amazing to watch your parents go thru life and be resilient, and mostly healthy, and supportive and proud, and then to see them vulnerable is a whole different experience. This week he had surgery on his leg for wound that was really bad from his lack of circulation. This time when we went to see him, he was up and in really good spirits, and did our hearts good to see that he is on the mend and listening to what the doctors are telling him.

We were able to buy him a new recliner that lifts him out of the chair, and has a vibrating element. He said he is in heaven.

Daddy, we are glad we could contribute to your "heaven" on Earth, cuz we want you here for a long time to come. Love you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So do you know how hard it has been to keep this one to myself??? We finally have an official announcement! Jordan and Breana are expecting our grandbaby #3!!! Yes, it is true, our very own Holmes Family is GROWING...shocker eh? We hope the morning sickness subsides soon cute girl. Woo Hoo!! Love you! November 7th is when we expect our next little one :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gramma & Grampa's adventures in Brighton, CO

Hey Gramma & Grampa are here!

Spring break arrived, and thanks to a great deal on United, Gramma and Grampa packed our bags and headed to see our Colorado kids. Matt and Heidi have a beautiful home, surrounded by natural beauty, and we took great advantage of it all. The icing on the cake literally was being there to celebrate our baby's 2nd Birthday! Hard to believe, but it's true. Of course all Gramma's think their baby is the most beautiful and brightest.....but this kid amazes me. He was just here in February, and the level of new vocabulary in just two months was incredible. His understanding of questions and conversations, fenominal. Yes, I could gush for hours, so I will just go forward with a few pictures of our adventures. Upon arrival, he melted my heart as we ran together for a hug and reunion at the airport! This is the face I can't get enough of. Heidi took us to Eldorado Springs and we went on a hike. The highlight for Heidi and I was seeing our "Gampa" in his element with his grandbaby. The two of them were in boy heaven.

There was rock throwing, stick stirring and floating, and touching that Coooold mountain runoff. Tubby Time - Before
After...Story time with Gramma - he can't get enough of the books, and knows some of them really well.
then Heidi and I created this "Choo-Choo" cake for the big party day. Let the party begin! Happy boy when his friends arrived!

One cute boy happy with his second birthday party!Our next adventure... Barr Lake Nature Center and Hike....

Love these next two shots of our little man!

Daddy and Grampa doing 1...2...3!One last photo op with my boy before we hit the road....My Jackson started crying when we got to the airport, and said our goodbyes, he started his momma crying, and they had an emotional ride did this Gramma

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Surfer dude turns 24!

The surfer on the left that is!
This is a favorite picture of mine!!
My Grant is 24! I remember when this little guy came into the world. He was my little small dark and handsome boy, and grew to a tall dark and handsome man. Grant was so easy to raise. Very sweet baby, easy going, athletic little guy , and a hard working young adult and man. Grant is one like his dad who likes order, a place for everything, everything in it’s place. He married our sweet Julia, just a year ago, and they are perfect for each other. We can’t wait to see what my little grandbabies will be. Soccer playing boys with ballerina grace, or ballerina girls with athletic prowess on the field. A little of both!! No big rush kids, but I am ready when you are! Wink wink!