Friday, November 28, 2008

So Thankful!

What a great day! Starting off at 4:45 am to bake pies, and make candied yams, and blueberry jello. Taking the drive to Huntington Beach to my brother Steve's house for a family day of feasting and Thanksgiving :)

As our Pitt family tradition goes, the day is started with a big family soccer game, where family and local HB friends get dirty and have alot of FUN! Missed you my boys! Long standing this tradition. We have the soccer stars ...
and those who do their best to stay alive.
We have a great fan base and cheering section as well. Cute cheerleaders! Beau's Christine :)Breana, and Randi - My daddy Warren Pitt!
Cheryl and her mom Marie KnowlesSkyler thought it would be too muddy to play, he missed out, and my cutest Russell!

It goes for about two hours, then hit the showers while the final preparations are made for dinner...Steve carving the turkeyJordan and Breana awaiting the feast!My baby sisters Jana and Tara always keep us smiling! Garen ready for some good eats!Mike and Dejah ! Karen and Kristy With way too many family missing, we still had 45 people for dinner (I was missing Brendon and Steph, Matt, Heidi and Jackson, Grant and Julia, and Elder Cody), we filled Cheryl and Steve's house and yard with good food, and lively conversation! My neices Kelli, Alissa, and Emily show off their beautiful handiwork in the form of a beautiful apple pie!After the feast, Then it is on to the games. We had PIT, Munchkin, 5 crowns and Phase 10 and Imaginiff at various tables. There was some great laughter. Then on to dessert! We had quite a spread for sure.
Karen and Skip brought their outdoor portable firepit, and we took an oppportunity to gather round and sing the songs we grew up singing as we went camping for our vacations every year. Jeff video taped much of it, and we need to record these old songs as traditions such as they seem to fade too often and too easily.

All in all, as the day came to a close, I was soooo very THANKFUL for

My INCREDIBLE FAMILY, the BEST husband a girl could ask for, our now 13 beautiful children (8 plus Matt, Stephanie, Julia, Breana and our Jackson), who have chosen well their paths in life, and have helped our family continue in a righteous tradition of those who choose to follow the Savior. EXTENDED FAMILY whose open arms of love and service bless our family always,
Love you Pitt and Holmes Clans!
A KNOWLEDGE that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that the path to my exaltation. That it is one of peace, faith, and assurance as we are obedient and sure.
FRIENDS who daily lift me and help me to walk that path.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Back Among the (Blog) Living!


To all of my blogging world friends...ready or not I am coming back to life! My computer was ill, it caught a virus, and kicked me off any internet connection that I tried. Of course as soon as your virus protection catch one. Maybe the anti-virus companies know that and send you some awful bug so you will be insecure without them.. who knows. This morning I have some baking to do for a work potluck, so I will be back this afternoon! Thanks for your love and concern and missing me!