Friday, October 30, 2009

A Soccer Saturday!

I was quite the Soccer one time we had 5 boys playing on 3 teams, luckily every other year they could be on the same team. You can imagine me being the sideline cheerleader! I miss those days.

This year I was able to sponsor a cute little 6 year old boy to play soccer for the first time. His mom is one of the bus drivers at our school. She has been bringing Angel with her on her run occasionally since he was 3. She is a single mom and all the burdens that that can sometimes carry. We were talking one day about how she wanted to get him into something social, hopefully a sport, but her ex had been layed off, and child support in arrears, it just wouldn't be happening. So I got to be his Sponsor! I was able to go watch a game of the "Invaders". Angel started off as goalie, and as all good coaches do, subbed him and the other boys in and out during the game. When 6 year olds play soccer, it is quite entertaining....good exercise as they run, and run and run!!He was in heaven, he is having a great time interacting with the boys on his team. His coach is a great role model and support. Of course, there were the water breaks...No Victory on the score board, but absolutely one for this little guy! Great Day for a soccer game!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Boy is 26!

He is just a little older than I was when he joined our family!
Brendon John was born #4 in the line of Holmes Children. He was a bit of a sober soul compared to my first 3. In being so, he was a bit more attached to mom the first years of his life. He was quieter than most.

Brendon amazed us all with his intellect, and his observation. Because in the quiet of his demeanor, he was always quietly observing, learning, storing up.

Brendon learned how to connect to the spirit and to his conscience very young as well. He has been an academic, (Go Cougars!) a sports enthusiast, volleyball on the top of his list. He knows how to set goals and how to acheive. Brendon is currently in his 2nd year in Medical School, in Kirksville, MO. He is doing the thing that he has talked about since he was 6 years old. He's gonna be a Doctor.

When Brendon was dating, he had high ideals and goals in his dating. He dated the modest girls, sweet girls. His college years concerned me a bit, as I waited for him to find that special and amazing girl that deserved his dedication to the Lord, and to his family and to his vision for his future. Well, we were so excited when we met Stephanie. As their relationship evolved, we saw in her an amazing young woman who was all he was and could see their Eternity begin with that sweet sense of peace. Brendon couldn't do what he is without her by his side.
We love her dearly. We are so blessed that our children have chosen the Perfect mates!

Now a new chapter begins as they prepare for the arrival of their baby boy in March. From my baby, to obedient boy, to surfer dude, college student, missionary, husband, college grad, med student, and now Daddy. We wish you a most Happy Birthday, and a wonderful year ahead! Love you son!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We are TIED!!

We are so pleased to introduce you to
Baby Boy Holmes! Brendon and Stephanie are due in March, and the big day of the Ultrasound was Friday! Brendon called as they left their Ultrasound Appointment. We are soooo excited.

So the Grandbaby count went from 1 to 6 in one year!! I guess that is what happens when 3 boys get married in one year, then less than 2 years later all have babies!! Do I hear "Multiply and Replenish the Earth"? Oh Yeah!

So here you have it: Heidi - Jackson 2 1/2 years old, Daphne - 4 months old,

Jordan and Breana - Our baby girl Kennedy due in 3 weeks or less!

Grant and Julia - One Girl and One Boy arriving as our Christmas Presents!

and TA-DAH! - Baby Boy Holmes arriving early March.