Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch in Corona, CA , USA!

Well hello Blogging world. I have now officially been released from my Calling as Stake Primary President. I am officially the CTR 7 teacher (LOVE IT!), and Program Coordinator. (When you are the Bishop's Wife, one calling is not enough...

It begins!
Here is the Gramma trying to get the babies to look at the camera...they are adorable...I look silly. Oh, well there are worse ones than this of me!
I arranged for my Corona grandbabies to meet me at the local Pumpkin layed plans for another go. So here we are. I can't believe how big they are! Warner and Hannah are 10 months old, and Kennedy is coming up on her 1 year old birthday next week. Amazing! I must say having my grandbabies born this last year, Daphne and Henry too!, has saved my heart and soul . The Lord knows huh?!!
These pictures were taken under the tent, so a silly orange glow from being surrounded by this mass collection of Fall Harvest ensued. Still....Adorable babes, none the less!!
I love seeing these two in the Daddy mode... my heart smiles.Outside for some more natural light.
So an hour at the Pumpking patch...good pictures, good lovin's good times. I LOVE MY FAMILY, I LOVE FALL!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A new calling

Today was an extra special Sunday. My Russell was set apart to be the new Bishop of the Auburndale Ward. About 3 years ago he served for two years in the Eastvale Ward, then our Stake Boundaries were changed, and we had to leave Eastvale. We have both had Stake callings since returning to the Corona Stake. Russell as High Councilman serving with the single's ward that our kids attend, me in the Stake Primary. So now a new adventure. One that we are somewhat familiar with, but also know it will be a different experience with our ward. Russell is excited, and will serve with all his heart, might, mind and strength. I know for I have seen him walk the walk. I am excited for the ward to get to know him and love him. He truly becomes a greater man in every sense as he serves the Lord.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kindred Spirit

My friend Pam has moved.... I have amazingly in my life come across in each season and time a kindred spirit. A sister-friend who's spirit connect is strong and you just know you knew each other before this mortal journey. This is Pam Burch. From the moment she moved here from Arizona, it was there. We knew.
After over a decade of sharing lives, kids growing, kids dating, kids marrying, becoming Grammas, she is going back to Arizona for her husband's work. Sadly, we are not just losing Pam...but her husband Paul has been our Stake President for the last 5 years, and we are going to miss his wisdom and connect to the spirit guiding our Stake as well.

Pam, Michelle and I have been able to be lunch buddies. Pam and Michelle have both been able to retain their stay-at-home status, while I went to work. In doing so, Pam and Michelle and I have been able to meet for lunch for our birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's day. We have shared pictures, gifts, hugs, laughs and an appreciation for good husbands, and children who fill our lives so completely.

So my sister/friend....kindred are not finished with me yet. You have filled my cup so many times, just when I needed it, you always seem to know. See you soon....Love, Sheryl

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Randi's new adventure

If you know LOVE her! Now after many years of schooling, taking in a break to serve a mission,back to school for Biology degree and volunteering hundreds of hours at the Riverside Community Hospital.....It's official, Randi gets to start her Physician's Assistant Program tomorrow! Yesterday she received her "White coat" in a special ceremony. She continues to set the pace of goals, achieving at the highest level. YOU GO GIRL!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Russell Holmes Family Reunion 2010

That's kind of crazy to think that we are the parents/grandparents hosting the reunion with our own clan. Crazy...but great! We went to Duck Creek Campground up above Cedar City Utah. Pluses...all 20 of us are here, Mom and Gramma heaven. Russell and I met our Henry for the first time. Brendon and Steph and their cute Henry John... What a darling boy he is!Eating, visiting, playing games. Nature Hikes, Holding, rocking, playing with , and lovin' on my babies.
Henry....sweet little guy!Hannah smilin' for Gramma!Warner getting his cool on!Kennedy getting ready for a stroller ride Daphne and GrampaJackson spending time hanging out with his favorite Randi on the hammock Skyler in his glory...superb fisherman. Sitting around the campfire. Laughter of my kids , as we are all together for the first time in many years. Watching as our boys got into their Holmes style of fun....a "polar bear" style dunk and swim across the water hole....brrrrrr!!!!
Warner and Henry enjoying meeting each cousin adventures ahead! Minuses....Rain daily, but the thunder was amazing! ...too cold (for me) at night. Limiting our activities due to inclement weather. I didn't take as many pictures as usual. Heidi and I will be sharing.
A gorgeous sunset as we traveled home.

These are the times of our life. Miss them all already.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I get more than just by...with a little help from my Friends!

Tonight our dinner ingredients and the final product were a major gift from my friends! First, Catrina's husband Shawn went fishing last week. He caught a 9 lb. halibut, and I put dibs on a few fillets, since Catrina and Shawn don't even like fish!! Randi found a recipe in a magazine a while ago, and I put the halibut to use! A couple of layers of Russett potatoes, sweet potatoes, red potatoes sliced as the base, baked with feta cheese and butter. Cut up the fish in 2 to 3 inch chunks, coat in lemon juice, place on top of the baked potatoes, cover with panko bread crumbs mixed with dill and lemon zest. bake for another 15 minutes.

Of course in the middle of the oven dies! Potatoes done, what now? Call my friend Karen she lets me come finish baking my dinner for 15 minutes in her kitchen when we have had a 108 degree day. That is true friendship!!

On to the veggies on the girl Mickie gave me a HUGE... AND I MEAN HUGE zuccini from her hubbies garden. Everyone was worried about it being tough, or tasteless....NEITHER!! Sliced up and sauted in some garlic butter.....MMMM....MMMM.....MMMMM!
Thank you girls! Excellent dinner thanks to YOU!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Missing my Morning Mugs!!

Oh....I miss these faces to start my day!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Today was the first Monday in two years that I didn't email my missionary son.
Because Today, I woke to find him in my Family room.
Today I rejoice in 6 children who have served the Lord on His errand.
Because Today I smile thinking about the lives they were able to touch.
Today I continue to pray that a 7th will find his way to this service.
Because Today I am reminded that the Lord knows my children better than I.
Today, returned missionary or not, they are better for His tutelage, His guidance, His Everlasting Love.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am so used to my missionaries being the last off the plane....we were waiting to start seeing people come down the escalator....who should be FIRST?? Our boy. Everyone had to tell me to turn around. Of COURSE, I am the first one to get a hug from my boy....when what should happen? The batteries in my camera die as my brother in law Phillip is doing the photo opps, me and Russell hugging our boy. It was a good loooonng hug too!!

Then on to the siblings. Meeting nieces and nephews. A hug for his best high school friend. Britney Sander Wardle....A most deserved hug from his "Gramma" Linda Wishart who adopted our Cody, and wrote to him more than anyone other than yours truly of course!A pensive and thoughtful Returned Missionary (admittedly missing life in Honduras). And a mom who cannot get enough Heidi and her babies came from Colorado and

Aunt and Uncles and cousins came.... And good, good friends!Gathering the luggage, and on to In-N-Out! We had a great time taking over the place! The Westover Family!!

Ed and Michelle Roberts (Ed made sure he came to "grub" with us!!
Daphne and Kennedy learning early what this family loves!

so we are allllll so happy for the return of another of the Lord's Army, changed, humbled, and look out world our Cody is home!!