Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December, December to remember!

Dec. 14th, our twins are born. Dec. 15th - work Christmas party, Heidi, Jackson, and Daphne arrive the 16th, 19th - Stake Baptism, Brendon and Steph arrive the nineteenth, Of course all month we are keeping up with the improving health of my nephew, Jonathon, our amazing friend Britney, my dear dad, Warren Pitt. The shopping continues...the wrapping, the excitement of being together. While shopping the 21st, Cody calls to set up the Christmas day call. He sounded soooo good! The 22nd....Skyler turns 20, Matt arrives, as Trevor Westover returns from 2 years serving our Lord. The 23rd, dad is released from the hospital. No dialysis, no pacemaker, blessings. Dec. 24th, Holmes Family party, more cooking, more wrapping, Christmas Eve at home with all here except our Cody, Warner, and Hannah. Christmas story, Christmas jammies, blessings. December 25th - Christmas day - our Savior - Hosannah. Christmas morning. Pitt Family, food, laughs, cousins, babies, joy. Dec. 26th, Warner is released from the hospital, Dec. 27th - Hannah is released. Dec. 27th - Kennedy is blessed with all the family priesthood gathered round - powerful. December 27th - hold those babies, love those babies!! ALL Five of them!!!! December 28th, baby shower for Stephanie and our next little guy to join the Holmes clan. Adorable gifts, love felt, Breathe. December 30th, Heidi and Matt celebrate their 4th anniversary, attending the temple and off to Palm Springs for a night away. December 31st - we shall ring in the New Year. Wishing you a MOST Exciting, productive and blessed year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th...a glorious day!

UPDATE! Warner is tubefree! Grant sent me this picture!!
1st..your prayers and love are working. My dad is doing so much better. Not 100% yet, but the pacemaker is gone...and he was doing so much better when we saw him tonight. I told him how my friends are all praying for him, and adding him to their prayers, prayer circles, and prayer books, and he is so thankful to you as well!

Next.....We have twins!

Grant and Julia were over last night for dinner and to play games. It was the first time she had that pre delivery look, and when I told her, she said "oh, what is that...I hope it's good!" Good it was. We got a call from Grant at 11:45, Julia's water had just broken, and they were on the way to the hospital.

Of course I had a hard time sleeping. I was up at 4:00 am, and texted Grant. She was in her room, and dialating. By 8:00 am she was at 5 cm, and fully effaced. I went to let their dog out, and feed him, then off to the hospital. Grant called me as I pulled up to the hospital, and they were going into the operating room, just in case it was a C-section.

Julia's dad and I were waiting for about an hour, when Grant came out at about 11:45, and let us know our babies were here. Warner Russell Holmes was born at 11:07, 5 lbs. 15 oz, 19 3/4 inches. Hannah Marianne Holmes was born at 11:25 4 lbs. 13 oz. 18 inches long. We got to see pictures, and then went in to see Julia at about 12:00.

After visiting with our newest supermom, delivering two babies without a c-section, and looking fabulous, but oh so tired and sore. Grant and I went into the NICU to see our babies.

Dad and his little girl...

And his little man....

Grant has some great pictures of Julia with her babies in the delivery room.

Little Hannah is quite the trooper. She is eating well, breathing well, and all is well with our little petite and sweet beauty, looking like her mommy.

Little Warner, what a guy. He is having a bit of trouble keeping his lungs full. So our guy has oxygen tubes, an IV, and a gastro-tube to keep the air from going to his tummy. The nurses say it should only be for a couple of days.


WARNER IS TUBE FREE! I received this picture from Grant today!!

So, a new part of my heart is given to our newest Holmes babies. And as my daddy's heart is healing mine feels so much better. Thank you all for your thoughts, wishes and prayers. We are blessed.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My dad, prayers and blessings

My dad had a heart attack yesterday. I was at work, about 8:45 am, and my brother sent us all a text, that they called 911. I called Steve, and they were at the hospital. Dad was having a heart catheter procedure to see how his arteries were looking. By the time I got to Fountain Valley 45 minutes later, he was still not out of surgery. When the doctor came out a few hours later, he said it was bad. His main right Coronary artery was blocked 95%, and his midline right artery, blocked 100%. They put in 3 stents into his arteries. Dad had a triple bypass 15 years ago, and had a pretty good history since. But his diabetes has not been good this year, and has had complications with his kidneys. So at 76, it is a tough go this time. He had a temporary pacemaker put in.

Steve and his son Chad gave dad a blessing, and so many prayers are being said on his behalf. After a few hours in ICU, his heart was doing most of the work on it's own, without the help of the pacemaker. He was alert, and thankful for the love and support.
Today, he is resting, and my mom is with him. His nurses say he is doing well, and just needs to rest.
I am so thankful for priesthood power, for an amazing family and network of friends who know that the Lord is over all.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kennedy is a month old!

Our little bub is a month old already!

It is amazing how fast she has changed. She is filling out and is sooo adorable!

Her momma and daddy are excellent parents, and loving every minute of having her in their little family!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sabbath thoughts

Today was our Tithing Settlement. The Lord surely has in place a financial plan for the care of the saints with earthly and eternal blessings.
Today my Randi spoke in her singles ward about what makes us a Happy People. She is such a blessing to our family, because she shines that Light of Christ always. Many people want to know why she is so happy...she lets them know it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After Randi spoke Bishop Kirk got up to speak of our dear friend Britney Sander Wardle who was in a car accident with her husband of less than a year, Randy, in the early morning hours on their way to a family Thanksgiving celebration. She was airlifted to Las Vegas where she is having miracles take place in her healing, but she has a long way to go. Bishop also heard of a collegue of his was killed over the weekend in a car accident. Bishop Kirk asked for a sincere and long look from each of those in the congregation to turn their prayers to our Father for blessings of those around us who are in pain and in need. Reminding us of our Fast Sunday approaching.

To add to our prayers and fasting, our nephew Jon was in a head on collision this weekend, and is in critical condition. He is a husband and father of 3 small children. So far they have reattached his scalp, done facial reconstruction, put a rod thru his femur, and tomorrow he will be having surgery on is C2 vertibrae, to stabilize his neck as his back is broken in 3 places. He is on a ventilator. It is hard and it is solemnizing as well think often and deeply about those we love.

My prayers this Sabbath day and this week are going to be more frequent vocal and in the quiet of my heart. These prayers said in behalf of Britney and her family, Jon and his little family, their parents, we know to be our family, as we rally sending our love and pleadings heavenward for continued healing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

31 years and counting!

Who woulda thunk...these kids would turn into these grandparents! Here we are. And life is good. It has been a great journey hand in hand with my best friend and love. Here is to many more sweetest "to Eternity and BEYOND!!"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our new baby girl has arrived!!

Little Miss Kennedy Layne Holmes joined our family November 3rd at 9:44 pm. She weighed in (only time you can say that about a girl with out a punch in the nose!!) at 7 lbs 6 oz. 20" long. Our sweet baby girl just gazed at her momma the 30 minutes or so that we were there last night. Breana did a great job, and is going to be an amazing mommy!!She looked so much like her daddy to me last night.

Tonight she looks likes a Holmes still, but different (of course, guys don't understand this at all!).
She reminds me a bit more of her momma, but she also looked a bit like my newborn Randi. Daddy is proud, Gramma is thrilled and in love, and Grampa was quietly taking it all in as is his way.

Welcome sweetheart...we love you so much already!

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Soccer Saturday!

I was quite the Soccer one time we had 5 boys playing on 3 teams, luckily every other year they could be on the same team. You can imagine me being the sideline cheerleader! I miss those days.

This year I was able to sponsor a cute little 6 year old boy to play soccer for the first time. His mom is one of the bus drivers at our school. She has been bringing Angel with her on her run occasionally since he was 3. She is a single mom and all the burdens that that can sometimes carry. We were talking one day about how she wanted to get him into something social, hopefully a sport, but her ex had been layed off, and child support in arrears, it just wouldn't be happening. So I got to be his Sponsor! I was able to go watch a game of the "Invaders". Angel started off as goalie, and as all good coaches do, subbed him and the other boys in and out during the game. When 6 year olds play soccer, it is quite entertaining....good exercise as they run, and run and run!!He was in heaven, he is having a great time interacting with the boys on his team. His coach is a great role model and support. Of course, there were the water breaks...No Victory on the score board, but absolutely one for this little guy! Great Day for a soccer game!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Boy is 26!

He is just a little older than I was when he joined our family!
Brendon John was born #4 in the line of Holmes Children. He was a bit of a sober soul compared to my first 3. In being so, he was a bit more attached to mom the first years of his life. He was quieter than most.

Brendon amazed us all with his intellect, and his observation. Because in the quiet of his demeanor, he was always quietly observing, learning, storing up.

Brendon learned how to connect to the spirit and to his conscience very young as well. He has been an academic, (Go Cougars!) a sports enthusiast, volleyball on the top of his list. He knows how to set goals and how to acheive. Brendon is currently in his 2nd year in Medical School, in Kirksville, MO. He is doing the thing that he has talked about since he was 6 years old. He's gonna be a Doctor.

When Brendon was dating, he had high ideals and goals in his dating. He dated the modest girls, sweet girls. His college years concerned me a bit, as I waited for him to find that special and amazing girl that deserved his dedication to the Lord, and to his family and to his vision for his future. Well, we were so excited when we met Stephanie. As their relationship evolved, we saw in her an amazing young woman who was all he was and could see their Eternity begin with that sweet sense of peace. Brendon couldn't do what he is without her by his side.
We love her dearly. We are so blessed that our children have chosen the Perfect mates!

Now a new chapter begins as they prepare for the arrival of their baby boy in March. From my baby, to obedient boy, to surfer dude, college student, missionary, husband, college grad, med student, and now Daddy. We wish you a most Happy Birthday, and a wonderful year ahead! Love you son!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We are TIED!!

We are so pleased to introduce you to
Baby Boy Holmes! Brendon and Stephanie are due in March, and the big day of the Ultrasound was Friday! Brendon called as they left their Ultrasound Appointment. We are soooo excited.

So the Grandbaby count went from 1 to 6 in one year!! I guess that is what happens when 3 boys get married in one year, then less than 2 years later all have babies!! Do I hear "Multiply and Replenish the Earth"? Oh Yeah!

So here you have it: Heidi - Jackson 2 1/2 years old, Daphne - 4 months old,

Jordan and Breana - Our baby girl Kennedy due in 3 weeks or less!

Grant and Julia - One Girl and One Boy arriving as our Christmas Presents!

and TA-DAH! - Baby Boy Holmes arriving early March.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Feel My Savior's Love

#1 - I have no camera currently, so my blogging has slowed, as you can tell. But, I have a need to express my thanks to my Savior for an outpooring of the spirit in my life.

I have been attending the various Children's sacrament meeting Programs in our Stake. As the Stake Primary President, it is certainly one of the great perks to be able to see each ward's program as we sit literally at the feet of these most precious souls, and feel of their love of our Savior, and their voices raised in Praise of Him and what they are learning. At each one, I have had tears fill my eyes, and my heart warmed and enlarged by their pure faith in Him.

In the guide for this next year's Primary program, it speaks of attending these programs, and "being taught" by our children. I so agree with this, as I have experienced it first hand.

This year's program is about My Eternal Family. In the course of the year, they have talked about their own families, and the beautiful concepts of things they can do Now to prepare for a family of thier own someday. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing!

#2 - I was able to attend a Regional "Little Philmont" training for scout and priesthood leaders. President David L. Beck - the General Young Men's President of our church, is truly a man of God. As he conducted, spoke, created a learning and sharing environment, I felt the spirit there, as he testified of the need for our young men to be involved in the scouting program, as the Activity arm of the Aaronic Priesthood. He reminded us, that whether in a scout shirt,or in a white shirt and tie, the young men are first, Priesthood holders, and whatever they do should magnify that Priesthood. In truth, I was not looking forward to giving up my Friday evening and full day Saturday to this training, but I have pondered the experience, words, and feelings of the spirit so much this week, that I am so grateful I was able to attend. The Lord knew I needed that!

#3 - My husband rocks! Yesterday was our Breana's baby shower. I had a busy day ahead of me. First thing when Russell woke up, I was out here on the computer making my "list" of what needed to happen, when and where, shopping...etc. Russell asked "do you need me to do anything for you?" Love This Man! He went to Sam's while I went to Ross, Brighton, and Stater's. He came home and made the chicken salad with Randi, and cut the rolls. Next we went up to the church where we set up tables and chairs, he filled the rolls with the chicken salad. then he ran home for a few things I forgot, went and got ice. After the shower, came and helped me clean up, took rocking chairs handed down to both our daughter's in law. Came home and tidied up the house, and dressed so handsomely in a white shirt and tie, and served with the other High Councilmen at the dinner following our Relief Society Broadcast. Cutest Waiter there!

#4 - The Relief Society Broadcast. The words of each speaker touched my soul, as did the music.
On our row in the chapel sat my Randi, Julia, Me, my sister Karen, my mother, and my aunt Jean. As we joined to sing " How Firm a Foundation" together, my eyes once again filled as the spirit filled my soul. I am Blessed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

If you have to turn 51!

If you are going to have a birthday.... then here are the great things that can they did to me today!

The first message on my answering machine is ..." Happy Birthday Gramma...I love you (j-man) Happy Birthday mom, call us back, we love you (heidi). Followed by a call to Colorado for a talk to these cuties!

The first text message on my cell phone today "Happy 51st birthday sista!! Hope u have a great day=) from my brother Dennis.

The First voice message on my cell phone.... a most lovely, creative and resounding rendition of Happy Birthday to you from my sister Jana.

My first peek at Facebook today....Wowee kazowie.... you can surely feel some love from all the friends and relatives cyber singing and sending love and wishes my way!! Special love from my kids and siblings there too!!!

The first entry to the workplace....balloons, pastry, songs, and gifts.....always spoiled at my friends at school!

My first email.... a birthday wish from Julia

My first phone message at work today...birthday wishes from my sister Karen. She called again, and we got to chat :)

Treated to lunch by my office mate Christina....

Then my Russell, Garen, Randi and Skyler show up at my work with balloon, flowers, candy , a song, hugs and kisses!

Then......a song from my neice Meredith, and a chat with Kayla, a voice message from my brother Brent, text messages from Jordan and Grant. Phone call from my mother in law!

Arrive home from work, see the mail.... a card and gift from my brother Dennis, a Card and gift and a box of Hazel Holmes famous chocolates awaiting me!!

Now by way of sweet and generous gift card....Dinner at PF Changs! MMMMMM.

Sooooo, if you have to turn 51, I hope you get to do it in style like me! Thanks for all the love!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's all about the babies!

This is our little momma! She grew in the last few weeks! She is 5 1/2 months along already, cute little tummy, where our babies are growing!
My Cute Julia invited me to go and register for the twins with her yesterday! (Grant and Russell went surfing!) We had a great time looking at Strollers, car seats, shooting the registery gun at the cute things. Biggest struggle was not buying everything I saw right then. Because Julia was there, I can show you the adorable "preemie" sleeper collection for our little bubs!!
Skyler tells me, that I say mine and ours too much, when it comes to my daughters in law and our Matt and my babies. But guess what.... that is the current payoff for having kids....grandbabies!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Double the Blessings! It's twins!

It's True! Julia and Grant had no idea. They went to find out what the sex is of their baby....and found out there are two healthy babies in there! A boy and a girl! So much fun! Julia is due January 13th, but they said it would more likely be around New Years with there being two...So We are going from 1 grandbaby to 6 in a year!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Princess in the House!

The Princess Miss Daphne Jill Shirley came to California to meet and greet her subjects. She was blessed in the same dress her momma was 27 years ago, made by my mom Geri special! Our sweet girl in white, received her blessing from her daddy Matt at Church on Sunday. She was royally welcome by her subjects and we all gathered for a luncheon in her honor afterward. There approx. 75 family and friends came together to celebrate her new life, and our new little love. Her brother adores her, her mother and father love her dearly, and she melts Gramma and Grampa's hearts! We love having our little chats! while they were here a few days it was a really lousy time for my camera to be broken!! So we rely on momma Heidi's camera, but ya know we were both too busy to get as many pics as we wanted.

Thursday, picnic and play at Corona Citrus Park Splash Zone. Jackson was in his element, hanging out with Skyler and romping in the water!then Friday, we had dinner at Huntington pictures :(
Then Saturday morning dawned with our little man kicking back on gramma's front porch with a soda, and a little man sized chair, doesn't get much better for a 2 year old little guy.
We gave dad a little tease with a "taboo" mohawk...for just a few hours....A few hours later Skyler finished off the buzz cut, and just in case you didn't already know... this guy is a rock star to us, whatever his hair looks like. He is so smart, and so fun....they are off to Utah now.....Miss them already! It's gonna be a very long 4 (5) months til Christmas, when I can kiss my little cherubs again....