Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Facer!

 Our Niece Kari Amundsen married her best friend and love of her life, Luke Facer.  She was absolutely stunning, and he is one happy man!

Russell's sister and  Mother of the Bride,  Carolyn looking happy as her girl cuts the cake

 Kari's big brother Kris, he is a catch!!  Love this boy! okay, man!

 Cutie cousins Haven and Lucy bundled up in a blanket provided to those at the reception on this chilly OC evening!
2 of Russell's  Siblings Marie and Mark
 Marie and Thomas and Lucy
 Brother Robert enjoying his chat with Carolyn
 Fun gift gathering place ....the trunk of a vintage car!
The bride and groom exited under an arch of lighted sparklers. Sooo fun, but not a good picture!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My mom turns 78!!

 My momma, Geri Pitt, turned 78 on May 18th!! Those of us who could gathered at one of new found favorite eatin' spots - Corky's Kitchen and Bakery.  This is my beautiful mother!!  Getting a hug from our Jordan before dinner is served. 
 Nieces Kaylee and Kindy are happy to be here!
 Skip is really happy to be here, but doesn't like his picture taken...but guess what being his sister in law, I take it anyway!! My sister Karen is always happy that I do!
 Our Pops Warren Pitt enjoying a night out with the family!
 I get a cute smile combination from our Breana and Kennedy!
 Karen and her daughter in law Dejah - love these girls!!
Nephew Mike Morris and his baby sister Kristy smilin' those great smiles!
 This is one amazing pancake for Harley and Kennedy!!
When we arrive home....we sing  Happy Birthday and eat cake, and Momma loves it all!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Medical Children!!

We have had quite a week!!  On Wednesday evening, May 9th, Russell and I boarded a plane to fly to Kansas City Missouri, the beginning of our trip to Kirksville and to A.T. Still University Medical College of Osteopathy to spend some time with our family.  Brendon John Holmes graduated from Medical School!!  It has been a journey for him, but a dream realized.  He started telling me at age 7 that he was going to be a Doctor when he grew up. We discussed at a young age what kind of grades you had to have in school, and what kind of person you need to be to be able to become a Dr.  He more than complied.  It is a very long and wonderful story how it all came to be, but for now lets say on Saturday, May 12th, Brendon became an official Doctor!  Brendon lovingly acknowledges that he could not have done it without his amazing wife Stephanie by his side.  We have to agree whole heartedly. 
We spent time with Brendon, Steph, Henry 
and Maggie.  Steph's great parents, Aaron and Sue Gibson.

We arrived home late Sunday evening, and missed sharing Mother's Day with our family, but will catch up later!

Monday morning dawned with Russell have his second Cataract surgery. 

Then Thursday, May 17th, Dream #2 realized!!  Our AWESOME, and I do mean AWESOME daughter, Randi  Lee Holmes realized her hard worked for dream of becoming a Physician's Assistant. 
Thats right Randi Holmes MSPAC!! Masters in Physicians Assisting.  She has buried herself in academics, anatomy and physiology, textbooks and memorizations, what a journey!!  She was going to become a doctor as well at one time, but decided prayerfully that the Physician's Assistant Career was the one for 
her to follow.  Most people I tell, tell me that their experience with a P.A. has always been great.  I know that it will be the same for all who encounter my girl!!  Soooo 


You have filled your parents hearts with joy, and we know you will definitely make your mark with all that you meet as you serve, and heal.  WE LOVE YOU!!