Monday, March 7, 2011

Full weekend with Many emotions - & very wordy!

On Friday evening my hubby, Bishop Holmes called, he was on his way to a family's home in our ward, later to find out that the husband and father of the home passed away. Russell spent the evening with the family, and was very full emotionally and spiritually upon his return home at 11:30 that night. We are in the midst of supporting, offering comfort and sharing a message of love and hope to this family as they go forward.

Saturday morning I was up early putting on the finishing touches for a talk I was asked to give to the second year Laurels in our Stake. (I always have to practice, practice and still seem to forget a few things I wish I had shared). the Corona Stake YW presidency (love these women!) has created a wonderful tradition, taking the senior girls overnight, for workshops, fun and a trip to the temple for Baptisms for the dead ordinance work. This year we were on the coast of Newport Beach, on a beautiful pre-Spring California morning. There was an amazing workshop talk given by Malinda Merrill, beautiful young mother, inside and outside, giving the girls wise counsel on the decisions they are embarking on as they enter their Young Adult and college years. She brought the spirit, she walks the walk.
I was asked to share how you stay on the path in service and faith. I am blessed with an Eternal marriage with my love, we are on the same page, blessed to be equally yoked. We continue to strive to include the Lord in our lives personally and as a family. We also know that we all have our agency, and have learned that lesson these past two years more than ever. The Blessings and the struggles of this life experience.

My phrase for the day with the young women..."Decide Today, I will not Stray".
I have seen in recent years the blessings of those who continue on the path of righteousness. I have witnessed personally the blessings when you do. I have also in recent years seen with heavy heart too many that I know and love that have chosen to walk a different path than the Lord's blessed Path. Seen too many that I know and love, some subtly, some blatantly walk away from the Lord, instead of toward His Light in their struggles. That ripple in the water of choice affects more than just their own salvation and peace, but those who watch them and take lessons for good or ill away from their experience.

I have spent the last 13 years entrenched in Young Adult life with my own children and all that it entails. I pray for young adults, that they can keep their vision and hold onto the light that they have experienced as they find out who they are and can become. It makes the journey full of joy and clear if they will but heed His call to them.

Next ... my Cody moved to Utah today. I am excited for him as he follows his prayerful search for what is next for him. But I am saddened that the empty nest is growing still. I shall miss his smiling face and his obedient spirit.

I missed my Grandson Henry's 1st Birthday. This week he turned a year. It is so hard to be away from family, and not have alot of control over the time and space that separates you. Thank heaven for the internet, skype. He is a love, and I miss his bright smile and generous loving spirit. Love this little man!
We are so blessed to have an amazing, stretching, learning and growing family. So blessed to know that the Lord is there, only a prayer away,only a thought away, only a hug from a fellow saint and friend away. As the Young Women's song reminded us all on Saturday..."He's closer than you know, reach up, He'll take your hand".