Monday, January 26, 2009


If you have not been to my Heidi's blog yet today....check it out For the scoop and Ultrasound pictures! You get to vote on a name as well. In the running....Claire, Molly and Daphne. Lovin' It!!

Today is the Day!

Will Heidi and Matt have a Boy
or a Girl?
Today we find out if we get another adorable rough and tumble boy, or a pink and frills girly girl!! So stay tuned to the posting later today!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Skyler, Skyler, Skyler!

This is the picture Skyler requested I post before I embarrass him! He went fishing a few weeks ago with his friend and did himself proud with this catch!So as I hinted at earlier, our youngest and boldest child is keeping us on our medical toes! As I landed in Utah December 30th, Brendon asked if I had spoken to Russell, as he was on his way to emergency with Skyler. He had hurt himself on his second outing giving snowboarding a whirl.
Well, whirl it was, as he landed on his shoulder, (this is not him) and separated the "AC joint" at his shoulder. We actually have a picture on DVD of how pretty his bone is sticking up, I tried to download it, but it won't let me. You can see the bump under his skin, looking at his shoulder under his shirt. When I looked it up on the internet, lots of pretty pictures. He is now 3 weeks into this injury, and just received a brace yesterday to immobilize his shoulder better and keep his arm from becoming too "weighty" to help the healing process.The next Skyler adventure was this morning having 4 wisdom teeth removed. I tell you! I am pretty sure that Skyler won't let me to post his post-teeth removal picture, Go figure, some 19 year olds are so touchy about such things! His face is actually quite pretty still, not alot of swelling, and applesauce and jello are on the menu for tonight! I have not ever had any wisdom teeth myself , and my other 7 kids skated by with only Jordan having 1 to remove. We must not have much wisdom…:)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grant and Julia's new adventures!

Since Julia hasn't started a blog yet, but I am so sure she will (hint, Hint)! I must share a few fun and exciting things happening in their young newlywed lives. First anniversary is coming up on March 22nd!
First our Julia had a birthday! (Sorry for the redeye!)We were able to round up the family to celebrate and have a birthday dinner and game night. Complete with a Fajita Feast, and a ROUSING game of Hand and Foot. Russell even joined in the game adventures! But it was fun to celebrate together.
Grant and Julia have a new addition to the family, our first Grand-dog, Cooper. He is a little ball of fluff, fun, and puppy breath! He is a maltese-poodle mix, and quite adorable.

And the Grand topper!!!! Grant and Julia have bought a home in Corona! A week ago Sunday, they found out that the house was theirs. Yesterday we were able to go see it and see them do some signing of official documents. We were nervous buying our first house, and I think I am just as nervous for my kids when they make that committment. A bit scary, but so amazing at the same time. Julia's Dad, Cole Warner, Russell and Skyler waiting out front...Cole did a little watering of the plants while we were waiting.
Grant is looking pleased with their new digs!

The new homeowners outside the front door with their agent, Lisa. This girl was so dynamic and worked so hard for Grant and Julia. Congratulations to our wonderful kids and all the great things happening in their lives!! We are SOOO excited that they are sinking roots in between the Warners and the Holmes, all in the same Stake!! It is going to be a great adventure.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ringing in the New Year!

My New Year's Eve was spent in Utah! I went to see my sister Lori and her hubby Brent, and their boy Will in their new home. I love to see where people live after they move, so I can imagine them there when I am far away. My other purpose of going was to spend time with Brendon and Stephanie, as they are our kids in Missouri now, and they were in Utah for the holidays with Stephanie's family. As I arrived in Utah, Brendon and Steph came and picked me up at the airport, where upon I found out that Russell was on his way to the emergency room with Skyler with a dislocated shoulder from snowboarding. That is a whole other story ....

So on to Lori's house I go. After a tour of the house, and a good sleep, on New Year's Eve, we went to pick up Brent at the Church Office Building where he works. It is right next to Temple Square.I wish I could show you pictures of the beautiful artwork there, but lets just say amazing. I received a tour again... amazing. Then on to bowling, Williams activity of choice. Brendon and Stephanie met us there, and we had a fun time. My competive son, married himself an athlete. He wasn't so sure he liked it when she beat us all soundly both games we bowled. Brendon kept trying to knock her off her streak.... this is his mischievious face after seeing if his attempt worked. But, he tried... to no avail. William thought this 8 pound ball could be tossed about like his rubber balls, but nope not the same!
On to the Gibson's for a night of good food and fun. Brent getting ready to teach us all "Hand and Foot"Lori's enjoying a story!Stephanie's family is so great, and we had fun playing games and snacking. Thank you to Aaron and Sue for letting me share your New Year's celebration!
Stephanie took her winning streak on to the game table. She won in Hand and Foot, Apples to Apples, and then her dad challenged her to a game of Spades, which she and Brendon beat him and her sister's hubby Tyler. It was her day, and she looks pretty proud of herself! Then ringing in the New Year! Missing my New Year's Kiss from my darlin' hub...for sure, but the couples here enjoyed this tradition!!
Here is to the New Year, and many blessings that 2009 may bring to all of you and yours!! (Hey, Joy! Look at this for a project I will be requesting letters soon!)