Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yadi is 30!

Look up definition of Hilarious – you will find Jana
Look up definition of freespirit – you will find Jana Look up definition of character – again- Jana! Sneaking up on Skyler for a little Christmas Shugga!
This is my baby sister who just turned 30! This is my nephew Chad's wife - cute Amber - on the left with Jana. – yep – my mom was pregnant at my wedding, and Jana was born 6 months before Garen – my oldest! When we received our first bonus baby sibling – Tara – Sept. 9, 1977, my mom didn’t want to just have one bonus baby…. so adorable chubba bubba baby Jana bounded into our lives! My parents gave us another blessing on March 21, 1979. Jana Marie was born.

Now my mother calls Jana – “Sheryl” all the time, and I get “Jana” as well. Jana and I do have a bit of similar personalities, but Jana goes above and beyond in the F-U-N department. If you want to have a good time, and enjoy lots of laughter, make sure Jana is there.

Jana served a mission in Bulgaria. Just recently at a family fireside, with tears in her eyes, Jana said she realized that she was sent to serve in Bulgaria to bring smiles and laughter into the lives of the Saints and those the Lord prepared to receive the Gospel. Life in Bulgaria is very depressed, and the people don’t have a lot to smile about. But, because along with a large dose of Testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ, Jana lives the Gospel with absolute Joy, and lets the world know why she is so happy.

She is an absolutely amazing girl. Jana married her hubby Loren in May of 2006. Loren is Jana’s equal in the living life with Zest and Comedy. He loves her deeply and completely, and she him. We are anticipating the days ahead when they grow their family, as we know it be a delight to watch them parent little bubs!

Jana is the first one to call and wish you a happy birthday, and start your day with a smile. She is thoughtful, and totally at peace with who she is and although she has an idea of how happy she makes us all, she has touched us all with a depth of heart that is rare and we love her for it. So baby sista of my heart, you are a joy, a kindred spirit, and I cannot imagine life without you! I love you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday CopperTop!
When people ask where Jackson gets his redhair, I think, Seriously? Cuz in my minds eye, I can see a redheaded baby girl placed in my arms 27 years ago! Happy Birthday Heidi! I am so very blessed to have this girl for my daughter. Creative, talented, spunky to beat the band, loving, trustworthy, spiritual, leader, teacher. Scrapbooker, pedicure lover, and fabulous shopper.
When you have children, you wonder how they will grow, and who they will be, and I have to say, I am a very grateful mom. Heidi is a great Mommy, and wife, and puts into practice all the things that I could imagine and then some. She is her baby’s momma, and her hubby’s “love”, and her momma’s and daddy’s girl.
Her sister's "giggle til you cry" and travel buddy..
Happy Birthday Heidi Jill, You are amazing. You have surpassed your parents expectations...We Love you darlin'!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Brudda is Here!

My younger brother Dennis lives in Texas. He raised his family there, and now he is a grandpa too! Dennis brought his kids and their babies to California for a few days to enjoy the fun, with not so much sun. But we got to get together at Knott’s Berry Farm Chicken Dinner Restaurant Friday night, and we are got together again Sunday for big family dinner.
It was my first chance to get my hands on these two bubba’s. Kennedy and Wyatt.

Little Miss Kennedy is the sweetie pie daughter of my niece Ashley and her hubby Brett. Wyatt is the cute boy of my nephew Blake and his wife Lisa. They were so adorable and Kennedy was patient with Aunt Sheryl while I played with her and kissed on her.
Dennis’ youngest Christine. Always a hoot, she is so fun. She gets it from her dadIt was fun to watch Dennis with his grandbabies too. We had a good party of twenty for dinner. My parents and my aunt Carol. My brother Steve and his wife Cheryl,
My nephew Chad and his cutie wife Amber, Nephew Jake, always ready to provide a good laughMy sista Tara,and baby sister Jana and her sidekick hubby Loren

It was really great to get together, laugh, eat, and have fun with those we love!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Low can you Go?
Well have you ever been in a low…you know when you get a bit overwhelmed, and it ends up paralyzing you instead of motivating you? That ‘s me. Can’t decide between what you should do, what you need to do, and what you want to do? Since the kids left to go back to Colorado, I miss them more, and I think of Brendon and Steph so far away in Missouri, and My Cody so far away in Honduras. Miss them all so very much. This is actually a bit odd for me. But that old “empty nest” for us momma’s is very real.
Great thing is that I have 7 kids close by as well. Grant and Julia just moved into their home last week, Jordan and Breana are here in Corona as well.. Skyler and Garen, here with us, our bookend kids, oldest and youngest. And great news for me….Randi moves back home this weekend.
This weekend was a good one, I was missing Russell a lot, as he was off skiing on a work trip in Mammoth. I did however get to go to my sweet niece Kate’s baptism, then on to Breana’s sister’s wedding. Sunday, I got to hear Julia speak in her new Ward, Grant was home “dying”, at least that is what his Bishop said. Then we got to have our 2nd Sunday of the month family dinner and Fireside. Garen gave a lesson on Pres. Monson’s talk in this month’s Ensign. Really great to discuss the importance of prayer, and hear my oldest son say “this is not a concept that is new to our family”.
So smile a little smile for me…cuz I booked a flight for Russell and I to go celebrate Jackson’s birthday in April. That should hold me for a while.
Oh yeah, and getting my act together. That will take some time as well.