Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Jordan!

My Pioneer Day baby. 23 today!
My Jordan is a funny guy…he is a fabulous soul!
Spirtual, Artistic and Poetic.
Kind as they come, moves to the beat of his own drum.
He is truly compassionate and warm hearted, though quiet.
Lover of music and technology, but mostly of his Breana. As most boys choose their brides, his chose him,
She had a plan, and he happily returned the attention! Now he and his bride of a year are soon to become parents in November.
We will get to hold the baby girl that this cute profile belongs to.Jordan will be an incredible daddy. His girl will be oh, so loved.
So another of my babies is having a baby…YAY!
Happy Birthday to my smiling, soft hearted, soft spoken, incredibly intelligent boy. Oh okay,… Man….Love you son!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


My Heidi and babies had a day with the family Holmes on Monday. My sister in law Kayla brought her camera for a little photo shoot.....Oh My Goodness...could I be more in love with these babies in these pictures! AMAZING KAYLA!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surf's up!

Monday July 6th at Huntington.... Brendon and Skyler heading out.
So the ONE THING that was a must for Brendon on his California holiday was to spend a day surfing. Being the diligent one, he prepared for the day with a workout regimen that would strengthen the muscles so as not to waste the he was victorious over the waves!
His cute wife Steph was diligent in taking the pictures of his prowess of the day. We missed the big ones.

then we are on to our Beach Babies! Jackson was thrilled with being able to throw sand liberally!! Especially with Aunt Jana Coaxing him you can see he loved it! Don't worry this little white boy was well slathered in Sunblock...(a few times!)
Jackson loved the digging.... And running with the dudes And having his first Surfing lesson!
A our littlest Beach Babe Daphne took it all in in the shade of the infant seat & basking in the cool under the umbrella and her cover-up... ahhhh......

good day in the surf and the sun!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday July 5th....

On to family dinner and fireside. I was busy, so didn't get as many pictures as Iwould have liked, but here is an idea of what we did with our time together.

Brendon, Daphne and Jackson getting some lovin' from Auntie Jana!

Auntie Julia faking sleep, cuz she knew I was catching her dozing with Daphne.
Randi and Jackson have some yummy summertime watermelon with our dinner.

Jana, Randi and Tara, always put a smile on my face~And Great Gramma Geri Pitt getting some love time with Daphne Jill

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sooo....Starting with the 4th!

After processing and recooperating from a bit of worry here and there over my boys, our out of town kids began to arrive. (Elder Holmes is fine, and after 10 days, Garen is home from the Hospital. You are all awesome for your prayers in our behalf).

We started at LAX the morning of July 4th, and had to wait an extra 2 hours since Heidi was sitting on the tarmac at Denver International with two babies by herself. Way harder for her than us. We went to my sister Jana's house for her blockparty in Lakewood. Thanks to Dejah for this photo collage.

After this adventure, we picked up Brendon and Steph in Ontario, and enjoyed the fireworks from our front yard with our kids. Great day, with more family time to come!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a WEEK! and it's not over yet!

So we start the week with Cody and his excitement in Honduras...get calm about that, then yesterday Garen headed out to the Riverside County Medical Center due to a large absess on his back, and had been off his blood pressure meds for a few months. So we don't hear from him and I finally hunt him down at 8:00 pm. He has been there since 10:00 am, and is just now getting admitted. His heart rate decided to go off the charts. So he is now in the Critical Care Unit being monitored and trying meds to regulate it better. Myyyyy Goodness. Mother worry doesn't stop when your kids grow up....sorry you young mommies. So lots of extra prayers going up this week thanks for joining me there.