Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday July 5th....

On to family dinner and fireside. I was busy, so didn't get as many pictures as Iwould have liked, but here is an idea of what we did with our time together.

Brendon, Daphne and Jackson getting some lovin' from Auntie Jana!

Auntie Julia faking sleep, cuz she knew I was catching her dozing with Daphne.
Randi and Jackson have some yummy summertime watermelon with our dinner.

Jana, Randi and Tara, always put a smile on my face~And Great Gramma Geri Pitt getting some love time with Daphne Jill


Grandma Kris said...

Family gatherings are the best. It is what life is all about. You are a wonderful grandma. Those babies are delicious.

Ashley said...

Jackson is getting so big! I can't believe it.

Pitt-Meisingers said...

It looks like Jackson and Daphne were the hit of the party!! Wish we could have been there to get our share of the baby fix!! :)