Monday, June 20, 2011

~Father's Day June 19th ~

For Father's Day we went by Russell's parent's house...forgot to take the camera in...Dork. We had a good visit with Mom and Dad Holmes and two of Russell's brother's families.

Then we went to my Sister Karen's house in Riverside. We had a great BBQ potluck...great food. Then after dinner, we went outside and sat around their family's portable fire pit, and took a great opportunity to spend some reminiscent time with our Dad, Grampa, Great Grampa, Warren Pitt. Growing up for our Summer vacations we most often went camping, and when we went we would sit around the campfire, and sing the funnest, and funniest campfire songs. We did a little recreating this experience. Karen had her son Mike videotape our time together. We laughed as we tried to remember the words, order of verses...and exposing some of our memories to our kids.
Of course we spent wonderful times holding our grandbabies, and loving them and getting new pics of them. Harley, sweet Harley ~ 4 months old.Karen has great fruit trees and the ladder was out for orange picking. Kennedy took the chance to go up, up, up. When her 6'5" daddy throws her up in the air all the time, heights are no problem. Dad took a call from Steve and Cheryl, since they were with their newlywed daughter opening her gifts. Henry was having a good time with Aunt Randi...And Karen was sharing snuggle and singing time with her grandbaby Ethan...We ended with making S'mores as well. Since Jordan looked like he was enjoying his so much..his Kennedy gave the sticky dessert a try, and came over with dirt and grass attached to her marshmallow covered skin.
Courageously, at the coaxing of Breana...I will now show you what it looks like when I fed my Henry some "Mallow" while his momma was inside, then trying to take a picture of his cute face, I put my s'more in my mouth, not thinking about the end't we a pair!!Great way to celebrate our dads, our family, and the love we share.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Favorite Dads - Happy Father's Day!

These past few weeks I have been surrounded by my favorite dads...Honorable, loving, men of God. I am so blessed to have them in my life.
My father and Great Grandfather of a favorite little man of mine ;) Warren Pitt.
My Russell with our Henry Jordan and his girls Kennedy and Harley Brendon and his superbaby Henry, Grant snuggles with Warner Matt playing with Jackson

Friday, June 17, 2011

Monday...Mahvelous Monday!

We headed on out to the Aquarium of the Pacific for a day together while Heidi and Brendon's families are in town.It was a fun mix of sea creatures large and small, with the Holmes Creatures large and small!The large fish tanks were great, and the hit was the shark and ray petting tanks. The toddlers passed on the strollers for running free, and we had a great time holding, chasing and exploring together.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Marisa and Brett Callan - Newlyweds!

From the time they were 5 & 7, Marisa and Andy Giorgetti were my kids too!! Everyday before and after school! Friday night Marisa was wed to the awesome Brett Callan. Andy and his son bright and beautiful son Caleb. Andy's adorable wife Megan was busy being the Matron of Honor, and the cake decorator and dessert bar creator.

Their Daddy George and I have been friends since high school. has been a wonderful ride thru life with these friends who are truly family!
congratulations Marisa and Brett!Heidi and Marisa grew up as sisters! They have stayed close. Alyssa and George, so happy for sweet Marisa!

My favorite Italian family!

Great celebration for great kids as they start their new life together!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Grandbabies 7 - Gramma's in Heaven, and giggles and laughs!

In order to get this cute picture of allll 7 of our Grandbabies.... and this is the best one! We had to go thru a bit of an ordeal...
as follows...