Sunday, June 12, 2011

Marisa and Brett Callan - Newlyweds!

From the time they were 5 & 7, Marisa and Andy Giorgetti were my kids too!! Everyday before and after school! Friday night Marisa was wed to the awesome Brett Callan. Andy and his son bright and beautiful son Caleb. Andy's adorable wife Megan was busy being the Matron of Honor, and the cake decorator and dessert bar creator.

Their Daddy George and I have been friends since high school. has been a wonderful ride thru life with these friends who are truly family!
congratulations Marisa and Brett!Heidi and Marisa grew up as sisters! They have stayed close. Alyssa and George, so happy for sweet Marisa!

My favorite Italian family!

Great celebration for great kids as they start their new life together!


Grammy Staffy said...

Congrats to the newlyweds. Isn't it nice when friends become family.

I just read your last post...grand kids 7.... no wonder you were in heaven. You have the cutest grandkiddos!!! Just looking at their pictures on that bench makes me want to squeeze them. What little dolls.

I miss church. I miss you. I hope I can get out before too much longer.
Hugs, Lura

Betheny said...

Fun! I wanna see more of the dessert table! hehe. Beautiful colors!