Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day with Family

For the past few years my nephew Mike and his wife Dejah (who is our Breana's Sister), have been having a Memorial Day BBQ and Pool party. Their community has a great pool, and no one
uses it that day!!
We have great time. Stephanie and Henry jump in right away!!
Grampa was having as much fun with our babes

Brendon and Steph are staying with Mike and Dejah (yay) for the month while Brendon does his rotation at L.A. Children's Hospital.
We really had a great day with our water babies, Hannah and Warner relaxin' in the little floaty boat.oh and their mommies and daddies too!!.

Warner was happiest with his daddy or mommy!
Henry and Daddy splashin' fun! Jordan and Kennedy chillaxin'!
They were adorable in their splashiness, and their floatiness!!

Great way to begin the summer! Thanks to the Morris' AGAIN!!


Escobar Family said...

yay for family swimming with babies! too cute!

Dejah said...

I'm so glad everyone came, and so glad you got pictures! Such cute babies in that family!

Marie said...

What fun Sheryl!! Spashing and floating with grandkiddies must be the best fun of all! xxoo

Heidi said...

fun!! have yet to join that fun!