Saturday, May 28, 2011

Great stuff for blogging!

Saturday was a big day! We were invited to our great-nephew Roy Ferguson's 4th birthday party.. ~ slash ~ going away party for his family, as they are moving to Texas. My sweet niece Leah (Roy's momma) on the right, with Grant's family...It was a great day to have my new CAMERA!! Kennedy and Hannah loved the freedom of the park as they ran, and ran, and played and played. Kennedy was having fun on the slide going down by herself.
However Warner was sticking close to mom and dad.
Baby Harley being her sweet self...
After a few hours of hanging out with family and friends...we headed back home for another yummy gramma experience!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Different day

There was a time when all 8 kids were home, that we spent more on our grocery purchases each month than our mortgage payment. We did about a gallon of milk per day, and that was limiting the milk drinking to breakfast only. Since it is just Russell, Skyler and me, I have actually had to pour sour milk down the drain twice in the last few months.

Today Russell and I went to Sam's Club, left with under 100 dollars spent, and everything we needed for the week. Kinda crazy...kinda good...but truth be told...miss the full house days.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ponderings of a Mother's Day

Mother's Day was just here, yes it was. It was a beautiful Sabbath Day, filled with the blessings of attending Church services, teaching my cute 8 year old class about how Jesus taught in parables. I came home and got my beans in the oven, made parmesan mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. Russell barbequed Shish-ka-bobs. Yummy day all around. Gathering the family is all about comfort food. Oh, yes, it is! Loving on those who could come...and missing those who could not.

Then my ponderings of the day...our new generation of motherhood...

Having just returned from Heidi's for a visit, I was still contemplating my beautiful daughter, and my daughters by marriage... being mommies, and a great ones at that. Thinking about how they are valiant women of God, taking up the spiritual, emotional and physical challenge of multiplying and replenishing. So blessed to have them be the women they are to give daily to their husbands and their children, friends, extended family and giving in service to the church, each being that godly woman.

Being away from family is hard for Heidi (and me), we have been blessed to see her little family a few times a year, either here or there. The beginning of the month I needed to see my "Colorado babies", and took a short trip. Filled my cup for a short while. This little family is amazing. Heidi is a great mom, enjoying the small and great things of making a home. Matthew works hard to provide and support, love and teach.

Thinking about my sons, and how they have each married the perfect woman for them. I read their blogs, get to Skype w ith Heidi and Matt and the kids, Brendon, Steph and the gifts of cyber space. I love them deeply. I see Stephanie, her genuine self, in her giving supportive loving gifts to Brendon, caring so amazingly for Henry. Wishing we were physically closer as well, aching to squeeze this boy!

I get to spend time with Julia and Breana weekly. It has been a gift to myself to share time with them while Grant and Jordan are in school. I have been richly blessed to get to know them better and deeper. Watch them in love with their man and their babies. Then to have grandbabies in my lap, playing, reading, feeding, talking, bathing, laughing at this early stage in their lives. New Holmes generations...Amazing. I watch all of my (yes, my) girls and am so appreciative of who they are and the gifts they all bring to our family. They are living the words of Sister Beck at the recent Women's Conference.

"The female responsibility of being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and all about nurturing, teaching and influencing. These are non-negotiable responsiblities. We can't delegate them. We can accept them. These are thing we understood before we were born, and we can't negotiate with the Lord whether they're part of His plan. These are our responsibilities."

I say these are our blessings. It's not easy, but so worth it. A special thanks to my girls for being the elect ladies they are, blessing our family with their righteousness.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Don't family is getting me a new camera for Mother's Day...I shall be back amongst the blogging life soon!! CAN'T WAIT!!