Monday, February 23, 2009

Where, oh where has my blog time gone?

First - totally taken up by this cutest boy and his parents! We had a great 10 days!! The many faces of our boy just dazzled this Gramma daily
His vocabulary – totally amped up from 4 months ago, and increased while he was here for sure.
He and his "Bampa" created a stronger bond. One Sunday at church, as Russell was on the stand taking care of High Council duties, Jackson stood up on the chair, and the congregation heard a not so quiet "Bam-pa, BAM-PA!" Many chuckles surfaced from those near and far in the congregation.
He and his fav’s , Skyler and Randi had lots of bonding moments. Randi spent the night a few times, and when Jackson woke up to find Randi on the couch we heard "Randi, Up, Randi, UP!" He wanted her to get up and play, but usually she coaxed him to cuddle up with her for a few…
the many faces of our boy that cracked us up....
Jackson the "hairdresser", the fudgesicle monster, Practicing to be a big brother! Good Job little man!
Jackson the PhotographerLover of special sisters Tara and Jana
His Gramma Lucy ShirleyWe had a wonderful family baby shower for Heidi and all that arriving soon in Pink!!
The time went waaayy too fast, and we are missing them so much already.
Secondly... My calling. In December I was called to be the Stake Primary President. We have been in a whirl of presenting Sharing Time at Ward Conferences, Learning the ropes, Orienting new Presidencies...tricky being a new presidency ourselves...
The last two weeks, attending Blue and Gold banquets and seeing the creativity and love of the wards for their boys and the scouting program.
So much more to catch to you all up on...but for now...enjoy those pictures of my most fabulous little boy and our family, and I shall see you again soon in blogland!! Love you all for reading..;)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

He's here!

Look who I found at LAX tonight!! Love this boy! He recognized his gramma, and jumped out of the stroller~ Oh, be still my heart! He snuggled into my shoulder and just kept hugging and hugging with me....This is Heaven! Many more posts and pics to come!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday night at the "Coffee Depot"

Last night Russell and I and some of our kiddos went to support our Garen in his band's debut. The "Gallapaghost" ("Gallapagos" was taken). This little band consists of Donnie (writer of great songs) on vocals, guitar and mandolin. Ryan on guitar and mandolin, Garen on drums and some backup vocals, Mike on percussion instruments, Leanne did a great job harmonizing with her brother Donnie on vocals. We listened to 3 groups total, and enjoyed to some degree those who performed before, but.....I must say they saved the best for last. Donnie has a way with words that create a visual, and they were very good at letting those lyrics be heard along with the music, which the others were not so advanced in said technique.
The guys had practiced a few times at my house, so I was familiar with the songs, and really enjoyed it in the venue there at the Depot. Great building in Riverside, and pleasantly surprised at just how much we all enjoyed the talents of our young people. We were not the only parents there to cheer on our son, that was great to see as well.
The kids had a great support, and friends turned out in numbers and most were there to support Gallapaghost. It was fun to see them all come together and come from all over So. Cal. for their friends. These are our friends Amber, Jill and Kelly...and so many more!Way to go kids. Good times!