Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Feel My Savior's Love

#1 - I have no camera currently, so my blogging has slowed, as you can tell. But, I have a need to express my thanks to my Savior for an outpooring of the spirit in my life.

I have been attending the various Children's sacrament meeting Programs in our Stake. As the Stake Primary President, it is certainly one of the great perks to be able to see each ward's program as we sit literally at the feet of these most precious souls, and feel of their love of our Savior, and their voices raised in Praise of Him and what they are learning. At each one, I have had tears fill my eyes, and my heart warmed and enlarged by their pure faith in Him.

In the guide for this next year's Primary program, it speaks of attending these programs, and "being taught" by our children. I so agree with this, as I have experienced it first hand.

This year's program is about My Eternal Family. In the course of the year, they have talked about their own families, and the beautiful concepts of things they can do Now to prepare for a family of thier own someday. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing!

#2 - I was able to attend a Regional "Little Philmont" training for scout and priesthood leaders. President David L. Beck - the General Young Men's President of our church, is truly a man of God. As he conducted, spoke, created a learning and sharing environment, I felt the spirit there, as he testified of the need for our young men to be involved in the scouting program, as the Activity arm of the Aaronic Priesthood. He reminded us, that whether in a scout shirt,or in a white shirt and tie, the young men are first, Priesthood holders, and whatever they do should magnify that Priesthood. In truth, I was not looking forward to giving up my Friday evening and full day Saturday to this training, but I have pondered the experience, words, and feelings of the spirit so much this week, that I am so grateful I was able to attend. The Lord knew I needed that!

#3 - My husband rocks! Yesterday was our Breana's baby shower. I had a busy day ahead of me. First thing when Russell woke up, I was out here on the computer making my "list" of what needed to happen, when and where, shopping...etc. Russell asked "do you need me to do anything for you?" Love This Man! He went to Sam's while I went to Ross, Brighton, and Stater's. He came home and made the chicken salad with Randi, and cut the rolls. Next we went up to the church where we set up tables and chairs, he filled the rolls with the chicken salad. then he ran home for a few things I forgot, went and got ice. After the shower, came and helped me clean up, took rocking chairs handed down to both our daughter's in law. Came home and tidied up the house, and dressed so handsomely in a white shirt and tie, and served with the other High Councilmen at the dinner following our Relief Society Broadcast. Cutest Waiter there!

#4 - The Relief Society Broadcast. The words of each speaker touched my soul, as did the music.
On our row in the chapel sat my Randi, Julia, Me, my sister Karen, my mother, and my aunt Jean. As we joined to sing " How Firm a Foundation" together, my eyes once again filled as the spirit filled my soul. I am Blessed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

If you have to turn 51!

If you are going to have a birthday.... then here are the great things that can they did to me today!

The first message on my answering machine is ..." Happy Birthday Gramma...I love you (j-man) Happy Birthday mom, call us back, we love you (heidi). Followed by a call to Colorado for a talk to these cuties!

The first text message on my cell phone today "Happy 51st birthday sista!! Hope u have a great day=) from my brother Dennis.

The First voice message on my cell phone.... a most lovely, creative and resounding rendition of Happy Birthday to you from my sister Jana.

My first peek at Facebook today....Wowee kazowie.... you can surely feel some love from all the friends and relatives cyber singing and sending love and wishes my way!! Special love from my kids and siblings there too!!!

The first entry to the workplace....balloons, pastry, songs, and gifts.....always spoiled at my friends at school!

My first email.... a birthday wish from Julia

My first phone message at work today...birthday wishes from my sister Karen. She called again, and we got to chat :)

Treated to lunch by my office mate Christina....

Then my Russell, Garen, Randi and Skyler show up at my work with balloon, flowers, candy , a song, hugs and kisses!

Then......a song from my neice Meredith, and a chat with Kayla, a voice message from my brother Brent, text messages from Jordan and Grant. Phone call from my mother in law!

Arrive home from work, see the mail.... a card and gift from my brother Dennis, a Card and gift and a box of Hazel Holmes famous chocolates awaiting me!!

Now by way of sweet and generous gift card....Dinner at PF Changs! MMMMMM.

Sooooo, if you have to turn 51, I hope you get to do it in style like me! Thanks for all the love!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's all about the babies!

This is our little momma! She grew in the last few weeks! She is 5 1/2 months along already, cute little tummy, where our babies are growing!
My Cute Julia invited me to go and register for the twins with her yesterday! (Grant and Russell went surfing!) We had a great time looking at Strollers, car seats, shooting the registery gun at the cute things. Biggest struggle was not buying everything I saw right then. Because Julia was there, I can show you the adorable "preemie" sleeper collection for our little bubs!!
Skyler tells me, that I say mine and ours too much, when it comes to my daughters in law and our Matt and my babies. But guess what.... that is the current payoff for having kids....grandbabies!!!