Monday, June 10, 2013

Family Day at the San Diego Safari Park

I was emailed with an Amazon deal of 60% off tickets at San Diego Safari Park.  It used to be called the Wild Animal Park.  I called and/or texted my kids to see if they were up for a family day at the park, and everyone was on board.  We found a Saturday that we all could go...just this last Saturday, June 8th.  We arrived last, and Grant and Julia, Jordan and Breana saved us a spot between their cars, and the kids were ready to roll.  Lots of Sunscreen, and a jaunt thru the gates. 

The first stop was the map kiosk. 

This pack of 3 year olds had to have one each, and held them close wanting to know "Where are we now?" asked thru the day.  First turn was thru the bird aviary.  The kiddos all loved the birds, ducks & flamingos greeted us. 

Then we met this Monitor lizard. 
Got a close up of the lizard, but our kiddos kept their distance.  On with Uncle Skyler and Uncle Cody to feed the ducks and see  the"Pink Backed" Pelicans and their baby in the nest. 

Then on to GORILLAS!   It took some time for them to come out of their caves. But our kids were all there ready to see. 

Our Kennedy has the best imagination.  She said "When we were gorillas we lived in our caves too". I asked her momma if there was some evolution being taught at their house.  We had some giggles and moved on to the comparison pictures with the Gorilla size.  Some of our crew were closer than others. 

The Lions were sleeping as they do for 20 hours a day. 

The kids were interested in the spyglass even though it didn't work.

On to the African Tram.  We waited in line. 

Grampa was taking advantage of the slow line. 
Then on to our adventures on the tram.  Enjoying the animals.

Loved spending time with our sweet baby Andi

We had a late lunch at our cars, then came back in for another couple of hours, the kids took turns on the stationary Rhino!

and took a picture of us all before we headed out of the park. 
We had a good family day spending time together.   We can't wait until July for our next family adventure in Arizona with EVERYONE...oh yes, all 24 of us will be together!!