Saturday, June 28, 2008


When my kids were small, the favorite birthday party game was "Pete!". This game is played by taking your favorite color candies like M& M's, Skittles, or Runts, and put them on the table in a circle. Who's ever turn it is goes out of the room and everyone else decides upon which piece of candy will be dubbed Pete. When the person comes back into the room, they start picking up pieces of candy which they keep, until they pick up the piece that was chosen, and everyone else shouts out "Pete!". Then their turn is over.

On Russell's birthday this last week, our kids who live here in California all came over for dinner. We missed you Heidi, Matt, Jackson, Cody, Brendon and Stephanie. After dinner before birthday cake and ice cream, I got out the candy bags. Jordan says "Mom, is that for playing 'Pete!'?. "oh, yes" says I. The kids laughed at me for a while until we began the game and then the laughs began. Julia and Breana had not played before and they were up for this game. Everyone was very good at it, and everyone enjoyed the Skittles.

Good times and good memories relived and enjoyed with lots of smiles and laughs!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Best Special Education School in America

I work at the Best Special Ed School in America. I work with amazing people who give their hearts and lives to provide love and dignity everyday for the most Severely Handicapped students. We have many students that are non-verbal, and wheelchair bound, g-tube fed, tracheostomy, cathetered, fed pureed food, you get the idea. But the sparkle in their eyes and thier way of communication is amazing. You are the one who learns how to communicate with their hearts and minds. I know they are perfect spirits inside bodies with limitations. I can't wait to see them in perfected bodies in an Eternal realm.

Today was our graduation and promotion ceremonies and awards assembly. Our students are ages 3 to 22. We only had one actual graduate who leaves us at the age of 22. Every one of the 76 students receives an end of the year award to truly celebrate their accomplishments for the year. Here is a sample of some of their accomplishments....

Learning Braille, Getting back into the school routine after spinal surgery, Lengthening the utterance of vocalizing. Learning to look up for yes and down for no. Making choices using picture cards. 'Habit' or toilet training (at the age of 18). Bearing weight, and taking first steps at 5 years of age. These children and their teachers and Instructional assistants are incredible. I am blessed being in their presence daily, they are a joy in my life.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dads- We love 'em!

In a family as big as ours, we are so much more likely to have people who have common birthdays. We have alot of doubles between my family and Russell's. It all began when Russell and I were dating and we found out that my dad, Warren Pitt, and my Russell were both born on June 24th.
Here they are blowing out the candles on one of their birthdays past...The list is quite long with other double birthdays .
This is one of my favorite Dads!
So we have a busy June, because we have Father's Day to celebrate, and Russell's Dad, John has a birthday on June 16th. This is our Grandpa Holmes playing the harmonica on Father's Day, which we love to hear and brings joy to our hearts. So this is a month to celebrate not only the Father's that we love to love for being our Fathers, but to celebrate their birthdays as well.

This year my dad turns 75! So we had a surprise party for him on the 14th at my brother's home. My dad was truly surprised. Here he is with my brother Steve and my brother Dennis who came in from Texas, and my sister Lori and her family came from Utah. We had a great dinner that we all put together it was wonderful, and we all enjoyed it so much. Good food, great family!We all gathered pictures for my nephew to put together into a power point presentation which we loved. My sister Lori, even videotaped 3 of my Dad's siblings in Utah reminiscing about growing up together. Another Long Story all together, since my dad is one of 16 kids.
Russell and dad Holmes cooking for Cody's farewell brunch.

Happy birthday to the most fabulous men I know, what a legacy they live and leave for our sons and daughters, and now a new generation, and those that will follow, of humble, honorable, talented and loving Godly men. We are blessed to have you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

“The strongest thing that baseball has going for it today are its yesterdays”

I grew up in a sports fan kind of house. My dad loves his sports. Especially the local teams. Dad would listen to and watch professional ball of all kinds. My brothers played sports and I was a cheerleader (literally) and a fan.
Consequently, I was a bit of a driving force for my kids participating in sports. Again, the #1 cheerleader and fan.
On Friday night, the quartet my brother Steve sings in sang at the Angel’s game for “Mormon Church Family Night”.
The family all got tickets so we could be there for the singing and the fun.
my sister Jana and hubby Loren - always up for a fun evening!
My sister Tara in true angels spirit!
My nephew Beau and Girlfriend Christine
Randi and our friends Logan and Thad
Jordan and Breana ready for a fun night at the game.
There was hotdogs and soda, cotton candy , ice cream and nachos. Lots of people watching, and lots of cheering the local team. So here’s to the todays and the yesterdays that this game – “America’s favorite past time” brings.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


In the middle of a very busy week, we had a high school graduation. After 15 years of Seminary. We have reached a milestone. Our eighth graduate from Norco High School. Our oldest started there as a freshman in 1993, so after 15 years with a Holmes someone on campus, we are done. Skyler graduated! With a big family, it is obvious that some have been easier and some harder to get through these years, and we are proud of our 'Skyman' for his efforts especially these last 4 years to get here. We had lots of support from friends, Brothers and sisters,
grandparents, aunts, and cousins on this special night.
Yay Skyler!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the MTC

It was a crazy morning on Tuesday. I did not go to work, our flight was scheduled for 3:00 pm in Long Beach. We still had some things to take care of. Walmart at 8:30 am to buy toiletries that were not in hand yet, Borders for a particular journal, a few more white shirts and a pair of slacks. Home to finish packing and a wait for Dad to come home from work. Stop by the cleaners to pick up Cody's suit pants, buy lunch to eat on the way. We get on the 91 fwy, and about 10 minutes into our drive on the 91, in the Canyon....."Cody, did you get your suit coat from off the back of the chair in the family room?" "No, didn't you put it in the garment bag like you said you were going to ?" 'No, we decided not to bring the garment bag". NOW, what does an Elder do without a suit coat? No time to turn around and go home!!

First we take that flight - Cody's first time flying!

Called the MTC on Wed. Morning, the young man who answered was a bit flumoxed by my question, and had to stammer out that it would be okay to not have a suit coat until Monday, "uh, um, uh, yeah, that will be fine".
Went to do a bit more shopping, and lunch at Cafe Rio. As we are about to go to the MTC, Elder Holmes announces that he Reeeeaally doesn't want to go without a suit coat. Sooooo, off to D.I. we went. I figured if anyone would have a suit coat, the DI in Provo certainly would.

I said a little prayer to find a black suit coat in a 46 Long. Well, prayers being answered, it was not a black one, but a brown one, that happened to be the same color as the slacks he was wearing. $10.00 later a "suit" is made until the real one can be delivered on Monday.

Our Brendon was with us the entire time, and it was great to stay with BJ and Steph, even if only for a night. Good Brother!

Mom and dad are happy for missionary #6 as he enters this new adventure.

Cody enters the MTC,

Mom gets to put his official name badge on with the "Celestial Dot" as they call it in the MTC

We love our son, and know that his love will bring great success as he grows under the Lord's tutelage. Go forth Elder Holmes!
For anyone who would like his address to write to Elder Holmes:
Elder Cody Holmes
MTC Mailbox #168
HON-TEG 0811
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Monday, June 9, 2008

24 hours Holmes Style

In the 24 hrs of Saturday evening to Sunday evening, my boys have kept us busy. All good stuff. On Saturday our Jordan proposed to his love Breana, and she agreed to be his for Eternity. She is good for him and he for her. Jordan was not experienced in the ways of dating and things before his mission, but everyone sees that once he served the Lord, the Lord blessed him. No hunting and searching needed. She is his. August 9th is the it to help us celebrate.


On Sunday morning we awoke to head over to the Auburndale ward for Cody's "farewell" or speaking assignment in church. We filled the Chapel and then some. Tara and Randi sang, Grandma Pitt spoke, we could feel the love. He did an amazing job really, speaking on D&C 4:5. He truly does try to live those attributes, and is trying hard to emulate the things he has learned. We do so appreciate all those who have spent time teaching, encouraging Cody to be his best self as he enters the Lord's service. MTC here he comes. I know he will be all the better for it, and they will enjoy his tender heart and sense of humor. Going forth with Faith.

He is well loved as you can see from the family and friends that joined us for our breakfast Burrito brunch. Thanks to all for your love, and help, dear sisters and friends for rallying and helping with the crowd control of the hungry and young!
Cody's extended "Riverside Family" and Grandma & Grandpa Holmes

Our Skyler graduated from Seminary... He has not been a hard one to get there, some mornings harder than others, and some days sleepier in class than others. But he did enjoy his experience, and knows that he started his day well, and it helped him as he faced High School. Special thanks to Sister Roberts, Brother and Sister Sistrunk these last two years....appreciate the love.