Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the MTC

It was a crazy morning on Tuesday. I did not go to work, our flight was scheduled for 3:00 pm in Long Beach. We still had some things to take care of. Walmart at 8:30 am to buy toiletries that were not in hand yet, Borders for a particular journal, a few more white shirts and a pair of slacks. Home to finish packing and a wait for Dad to come home from work. Stop by the cleaners to pick up Cody's suit pants, buy lunch to eat on the way. We get on the 91 fwy, and about 10 minutes into our drive on the 91, in the Canyon....."Cody, did you get your suit coat from off the back of the chair in the family room?" "No, didn't you put it in the garment bag like you said you were going to ?" 'No, we decided not to bring the garment bag". NOW, what does an Elder do without a suit coat? No time to turn around and go home!!

First we take that flight - Cody's first time flying!

Called the MTC on Wed. Morning, the young man who answered was a bit flumoxed by my question, and had to stammer out that it would be okay to not have a suit coat until Monday, "uh, um, uh, yeah, that will be fine".
Went to do a bit more shopping, and lunch at Cafe Rio. As we are about to go to the MTC, Elder Holmes announces that he Reeeeaally doesn't want to go without a suit coat. Sooooo, off to D.I. we went. I figured if anyone would have a suit coat, the DI in Provo certainly would.

I said a little prayer to find a black suit coat in a 46 Long. Well, prayers being answered, it was not a black one, but a brown one, that happened to be the same color as the slacks he was wearing. $10.00 later a "suit" is made until the real one can be delivered on Monday.

Our Brendon was with us the entire time, and it was great to stay with BJ and Steph, even if only for a night. Good Brother!

Mom and dad are happy for missionary #6 as he enters this new adventure.

Cody enters the MTC,

Mom gets to put his official name badge on with the "Celestial Dot" as they call it in the MTC

We love our son, and know that his love will bring great success as he grows under the Lord's tutelage. Go forth Elder Holmes!
For anyone who would like his address to write to Elder Holmes:
Elder Cody Holmes
MTC Mailbox #168
HON-TEG 0811
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793


Lauri said...

This is a GREAT story and one that will make his entrance into the MTC a day to remember.

As hard as that experience is, it was alway such a day of joy and gladness for a mom.

Heidi said...

wow! GOOD FIND! thats awesome!
So sad we didnt get to talk with him before he went in.

We love you CODY! we will be writing you very soon!

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fantastic story.... new suit coat and all! You guys are so special. I am happy for you and Cody as he "goes forth to serve". I know from past experience, as do you, that both Cody and your family will be richly blessed as he dedicates these 2 years of his time doing the Lord's work.

I wish that we could have gone to the MTC with our two missionaries. David left the first week of school when I was a brand new teacher here in this district. Erin left that next spring right in the middle of state testing. As a new employee to the school and with a new principal that didn't know me well, I could not get off work to go. We had to say goodbye to both our missionaries at the airport. I know that we missed a great experience not going to the MTC with them.

I was really looking forward to going to the MTC with my sweet grandson last Jan. Unfortunately, he changed his mind and decided not to go. He is a really great kid and we all love him dearly but we wish that he had made a different choice. Maybe someday he will be ready. We hope so. Meanwhile, we love him, we pray for him and we are thankful for the good person that he is and that we have him in our family. However, we know that he is missing a great experience and the many blessing that your Cody will get as he serves the Lord.

May God bless your Cody and keep him safe until you have him back in your home and your arms to hug again.

Mark & Lisa said...

Congratulations!! I bet you're so proud! :)

Natalie said...

Hi Sister Holmes,
I saw your post on my blog so I cheked out yours! I can't believe 6missionaries now. Wow you are amazing. Always have been to me though. I am glad to see you are all doing wonderful. You look the same as I remember you. Are you still in Norco?

Jeff said...

Congrats to you! Cody will be a great missionary. He has been taught by the best.

Aaron and Caroline Haring said...

What a sweet experience to be able to send another missionary off! I thinks it's great that he is taking being a missionary so seriously and didn't want to show up without a jacket. He's going to be a terrific missionary.

Mama Bear said...

Cody!! Glad momma was around to fix everything! :)

The Edlings said...

Wow, Cody a missionary! That is so incredibly cool. He looks so sharp in his missionary badge! He is going to be an amazing missionary.

the Escobars said...

Mommy Holmes...Ernesto & I went to the MTC tonight to volunteer and we saw Cody in the hallways. Of course I forgot his name is now Elder Holmes and I was about to give him a hug...but of course he reminded me of the handshake rule. He looks so happy! His comp is cool...from West Jordan. Just wanted you to know. Love you lots and happiness to the Holmes Family for another marvelous missionary!

Erin said...

I hope I raise my good enough that they will want and will go on missions. So cdool that he is your #6! Good job parents!!

I sure miss you a lot and all the encourageing words and lessons. I am using them every day while raising me geeks!

jeanine said...

What an adventure! And what a blessing that you found just the coat you needed!

Christensen Family said...

What a crazy day! I'm glad it all worked out. Blake got his suit (coat, pants, vest, and all) at the DI for $15 and didn't get a new one until last August. Good luck on your mission!

The Cardenas Clan said...

That is a crazy and exciting story. How many times have you visited the MTC?