Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Sara!

Our sister - in -law Sara turned 40! Phillip is a blessed man!!I made her a card "Forty isn't old" open...."if you're a tree!! I had to put a little joke in there, because she is the quintessential cool mom, gorgeous mom, decorator, talent up the wazoo with every facet of life...classy, the list goes on and on. LOVE HER!
Her daughter Emily (in the middle)
and our sister in law Kayla...(also amazing) put together a surprise birthday party, we were happy to be there to help her bring in her 40's...
Great friends Kendall & Michelle Anderson, Sara and Phillip's son Chad... their friends the Fardig's...Russell & I, the beautiful center pieces Emily put together...Mom & Dad Holmes, cuties Erin Anderson & our niece Kate.. Yummy decadent birthday cake...trick here, cake bought at Cheesecake Factory, brought to serve at Woodranch! Great night with great company, and great food!!