Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In a Mere 4 weeks!

Elder Cody Robert Holmes...in the Lord's Army in Tegucigalpa, Honduras....In a mere 4 weeks our 6th Missionary shall arrive home and be an official RM. Cody has grown leaps and bounds in his testimony, his love of the Gospel, his leadership and relationship with the Lord.

The countdown begins!! I can feel it.. I can't wait to hug this boy! On a recent visit to our school, the Superintendent of our District saw this picture as my computer backround. He asked me to tell him about the picture. So of course I did! He is familiar with our young men and women "serving a mission" He said he could tell he is my boy!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taking a Dunk for Daylon

We were able to attend the wonderful event for Daylon Edling, my dear friend Dee's grandson. go to the website. http://www.helpmakeamiracle.org/. Our family was well represented...my nephew did characatures, my sister and her kids did balloon animals. And our own contribution...Russell went into the dunk tank. Jordan gave it a try, but missed all three times.. To be fair to him, they made him stand out farther than any one else. My neice Kristy was chompin at the bit to get her uncle dunked. It was a glorious day, and amazing to watch a community, family and friends near and far, come together for this baby and his family. Our Kennedy added her cuteness to the day!So great to take a small part in helping to make a miracle.