Friday, September 9, 2011

The summer has been oh so busy, and beautifully so! Brendon and Steph and Henry were able to come and spend the month of August with us during Brendon's rotation at Loma Linda pediatric surgery. Brendon had loooonnnggg days, and we enjoyed time with Brendon when we could see him and with Steph and Henry daily. Stephanie was my kitchen angel, dinner was prepared every night when I got home from work!! We made a menu, and off she went...sweet gift to receive every day!!
Henry is all kinds of personality and loved getting outside every chance he could!!
It was wonderful to wake up to this boys' smiling eyes every day! He melted my heart when he would smile and reach out in the morning, and run to me when I arrived home from work. What a little love!

With Steph here, we took a fun day and had a baby shower for her future arrival of little Margaret in December! Of course we had great food, great company...
We decorated onsies, for our little miss! They turned out so cute!! And the adorable gifts! Then the arrival of grandbaby #8!!
Porter Fairbanks Shirley arrived at 1:15 pm on Tuesday, August 30th, just 5 hours before I arrived in Colorado! Heidi went into labor at 1:15 am that day, and our (big) little man arrived 12 hours later!

Momma Heidi was looking quite content as I entered her hospital room!

I was able to take some vacation days, and spent a week with our little Shirley family and enjoyed time spent with them all, cooking, playing, sewing, and just loving every minute. I got to give baby Porter his first bath, he was not a fan, and was happy when it was over! Even a few after midnight rockings with little Porter as he adjusted to his new life, here on earth! Sweet baby, sweet family...miss them so much already! Kiss them for me Heidi!