Thursday, August 13, 2009

Double the Blessings! It's twins!

It's True! Julia and Grant had no idea. They went to find out what the sex is of their baby....and found out there are two healthy babies in there! A boy and a girl! So much fun! Julia is due January 13th, but they said it would more likely be around New Years with there being two...So We are going from 1 grandbaby to 6 in a year!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Princess in the House!

The Princess Miss Daphne Jill Shirley came to California to meet and greet her subjects. She was blessed in the same dress her momma was 27 years ago, made by my mom Geri special! Our sweet girl in white, received her blessing from her daddy Matt at Church on Sunday. She was royally welcome by her subjects and we all gathered for a luncheon in her honor afterward. There approx. 75 family and friends came together to celebrate her new life, and our new little love. Her brother adores her, her mother and father love her dearly, and she melts Gramma and Grampa's hearts! We love having our little chats! while they were here a few days it was a really lousy time for my camera to be broken!! So we rely on momma Heidi's camera, but ya know we were both too busy to get as many pics as we wanted.

Thursday, picnic and play at Corona Citrus Park Splash Zone. Jackson was in his element, hanging out with Skyler and romping in the water!then Friday, we had dinner at Huntington pictures :(
Then Saturday morning dawned with our little man kicking back on gramma's front porch with a soda, and a little man sized chair, doesn't get much better for a 2 year old little guy.
We gave dad a little tease with a "taboo" mohawk...for just a few hours....A few hours later Skyler finished off the buzz cut, and just in case you didn't already know... this guy is a rock star to us, whatever his hair looks like. He is so smart, and so fun....they are off to Utah now.....Miss them already! It's gonna be a very long 4 (5) months til Christmas, when I can kiss my little cherubs again....