Monday, August 13, 2012

Tuesday - Disney Day!!

 Hey Porter!! don't are arriving at the "Happiest Place on Earth"  

Jackson and Daphne surely know!  They have been waiting for this day for a Year!! 
We arrived bright and early...starting in Carsland..Lightning McQueen greeted us!
 As did Ariel!
 And then over to see Mickie!!
 Aunties  Jana and Tara joined us for the day!!
J & D were so excited to realllyyyy be here! Well before the ride on Haunted Mansion anyway....
 Daphne' s request.... to meet "Tangled" ~Rapunzel and Flynn Rider did not disappoint! Check out the "smolder"!!

 Aunt Randi always adding extra doses of fun and laughter!
 Porter enjoying "It's a Small World"  with Gramma and Daddy!
A biggg plus for the day was our friend Tammy Baer joining us for the evening! Tammy was Heidi's, Brendon and Jordan's 6th grade teacher.  She is a great lady and friend!
 Daphne and Delaney Petersen enjoyed spending time together. 
A great day from beginning to end!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vacation Monday - Pool day!

 Monday - Our neighbors Tim and Eileen invited us over to their pool for the day.  We were treated not only to the pool, but Eileen being the perfect hostess barbequed for us.  We brought  chips and fruit, and had a refreshingly great time! Porter enjoying his inflatable fun!
 Gramma and Jackson went to Target for some pool toys.  He liked tossing the water balls for some good splashing fun! Little dickins!!  Our friend Lisa Webb and her two cuties came and joined us. The momma's caught up, and the kids played and teased and played and floated around.  Jackson is getting braver, and I got Daphne a little floaty vest, and she enjoyed her independence!  One ooopss......Daphne took off the vest and went in to use the restroom.  Thinking she still had it on, she walking right into the pool and walked off the pool shelf and went down.  Heidi was right there to pull her up.  She let us know she "doesn't like going under the water. No crying, just wanted us to know! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation!

 Being the Secretary at a School for Special Education, we finished our traditional year, went into 4 weeks of Summer School, then I got 6 whole work days off before reporting to work for the 12-13 school year. So Heidi and Matt decided to make their California Vacation week the same as mine YAY!!  They arrived on Saturday, July7th, and on Sunday we got our California Families to come join us for dinner and cousin craziness!!  We were missing Garen,Cody, Brendon & Stephanie, Henry and Maggie... But..we did put the little monkeys together for a photo together, never easy, always entertaining!
 Porter has grown so much since Christmas!!  He warmed up quickly and let Gramma  and Grampa love on him, he is a little sweetheart!
 Daphne...ever Gramma's girl  We had sooo much fun!!
Jackson....he just doesn't hold still long enough for many pictures!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Russell Holmes - Olympic Athlete!!

Have you heard?  Have you seen?? This is Russell Holmes!  This is a 2012 Olympic Athlete!  This is a Volleyball Star! This is number 12!! THIS IS OUR NEPHEW!!  

If you are a facebook may already know, but we are having a blast watching him doing what he does!  Block....spike....serve....WIN!!  Go Team USA...GO RUSSELL!!