Monday, August 13, 2012

Tuesday - Disney Day!!

 Hey Porter!! don't are arriving at the "Happiest Place on Earth"  

Jackson and Daphne surely know!  They have been waiting for this day for a Year!! 
We arrived bright and early...starting in Carsland..Lightning McQueen greeted us!
 As did Ariel!
 And then over to see Mickie!!
 Aunties  Jana and Tara joined us for the day!!
J & D were so excited to realllyyyy be here! Well before the ride on Haunted Mansion anyway....
 Daphne' s request.... to meet "Tangled" ~Rapunzel and Flynn Rider did not disappoint! Check out the "smolder"!!

 Aunt Randi always adding extra doses of fun and laughter!
 Porter enjoying "It's a Small World"  with Gramma and Daddy!
A biggg plus for the day was our friend Tammy Baer joining us for the evening! Tammy was Heidi's, Brendon and Jordan's 6th grade teacher.  She is a great lady and friend!
 Daphne and Delaney Petersen enjoyed spending time together. 
A great day from beginning to end!!


Grammy Staffy said...

What a wonderful day for a wonderful family. I'm glad you all had so much fun. Hugs, Lura

Heidi said...

SUch a fun day! You got some great photos Momma! We loved it :)

Heidi said...

PS... now that we traded in our car, I need to order some new stickers :) That was the 1st thing Jackson noticed!