Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Julia!

So it has been way too long....that's for sure.  I want to go back to well...where I left off last summer, but alas, we shall see.  To start I will go most recent.  The birthday of our girl Julia Rebecca Warner Holmes. Yes our girl!  Grant chose well, after I pointed her out of course.

Julia turned 31 on January 6th.  Love her...love her...love her!   She loves shopping for good deals....me too!  Musicals....me too!  She is the momma of our twins...gotta love her for this double blessing! 

 Hannah and Warner needed to lend their helpful blows!

Grant sang his tuneful rendition of "Happy Birthday" to his fabulous wife
So for her birthday dinner she asked for Chicken Fajitas...granted!  and Strawberry cake...granted as well.  After dinner game playing....granted again!!  Happy  Birthday to our girl!


Marie said...

Happy Birthday Julia! Sounds like a fab celebration with fantastic food! Love your header Sheryl! Such a smile maker! xxoo

Stephanie said...

A blog post! Yay! Welcome back. :)

Heidi said...

Happiest Birthday to Julia! I am just getting back to the blogger world again too :) Love you all!

Julia Holmes said...

Thanks for the sweet post Sheryl! Thanks also for making my birthday so great! Love you so so much!!!