Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Take it back to ....Thanksgiving Week!

 One of the "perks" of having Furlough days working for the State...being a school Secretary, is that we got the whole Thanksgiving week off.  YAY!!  One of the blessings this year of having the week off, Brendon and Stephanie, Henry and Maggie got to come and spend the whole week with us!!  Brendon knew he would be working at Christmas, and was able to drive the L...O...N...G... drive from Lubbock Texas to see us. 

 It was only the second time being with Maggie in person since she was born, and actually had her First Birthday two days after leaving to go home.  Of course we had to celebrate while they were here.  She mastered that cupcake with all the Prowess of a much more seasoned Holmes Girl.  So...we had many dinners together with the family, played games, hugged, kissed, played with the Grandbabies.  We went to "Pretend City" in Irvine one day, Had a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration, and took family pictures.  Whew!...busy but fabulous week. 

Love these faces!!

Lots of gooooood Cousin Time!

Uncle Skyler Time
So the next few posts will be more details of our week...cuz.....There's LOTS of Pictures!!


Heidi said...

so sad we missed out on this... :(

Jenn said...

I love family time! Looks like fun.

Stephanie said...

So fun to be with the family. We couldn't ask for better grandparents who love our babies so much. Wish we were able to spend more time together. Looking forward to April. :)