Thursday, January 24, 2013

Henry and Maggie...the arrival of cuteness

 We were so excited that Brendon and Steph and the babes could come.  You Gramma's know how your heart holds these little ones until you see and hold them again.    Henry is always so fun and funny and we have a great bond with him even though we live so far away.  I am grateful he doesn't forget us in between visits.  Skype is a modern day blessing for Grandparents just for the connection is makes and helps keep.  But I got to grab and hug and kiss these two precious packages!
Handsome Henry

Maggie Sue...sweetest little spirit!  She didn't know us so well, but I was thankful for a quick warming up time.  She just went from a bit quiet and sober (much like her daddy was at this age)  to laughing,  smiling, snuggling...Our pretty blue eyed blond (yes there is hair there under those pretty hair pieces her momma makes for her)

 time for Henry to watch his favorite  MOOVEE - "How to Train your Dragon"
 The cousins got to come over to play and watch movies,  4 -2 going on 3 year olds and 2 - one year olds makes for some good noise and fun..but a good Disney movie helps calm their sweet busy souls!
So does some good Run and Run time in Gramma's yard to use up some energy

 and hang out with Uncle Skyler and Aunt Randi who have more energy than me and Grampa. We are so blessed to have Kennedy and Harley, Warner and Hannah close by and love on them all year round.  Now only if our Colorado Kids had been able to join us.  All Would have been even Better.
Next chapter - Pretend City.


Stephanie said...

LOVE those pics of Maggie.

(You must have had a middle-of-the-night blog post. Hope you can sleep better tonight.)

Jenn said...

Cute grand-kids! I have little Miss Kennedy in my Sunbeam class....she is so stinkin' cute!

Grammy Staffy said...

Isn't it wonderful when kids and precious little ones come for a visit! I love all the pics and all of the smiles.
I know you were smiling from ear to ear. I'm happy for you. Hugs, Lura