Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013!

I have been a mom for 33 & 1/2  years.  It is quite a roller coaster of emotions, this Eternal calling. We try everyday of the year to live up to the title, and grow in this role, and those of you out there know what I mean.  I think most mothers have a love hate relationship with Mother's Day.  For some reason we tend to reflect on our inadaquacies instead of our strengths.  We know the Holiday flashlight will be shining on us from outside our home, and our expectations of  what happens at home is always varied, and the realities surprising.

Adult children spoil mom's with sweet heartfelt gifts.  On Friday, I received an early surprise, a sweet package from Texas with some very pretty earrings I have had on my Amazon wish list.  LOVE THEM.  Grant and Julia's family gave me a beautiful Brighton bracelet, Jordan and Bre....CHOCOLATES with nuts and toffee & Caramel!!  Yum!!  Skyler gave me beautiful earrings.   It isn't about the gifts...but it sure is fun and sooooo thoughtfullly sweet, and who doesn't love a gift of remembrance!!

When the kids were little, I would receive sweet handmade gift prompted by crafting at school, or church.  Tradition would also bring breakfast in bed. with a tray and a flower, with my cherubs  glowing with their accomplishments.  After about 10 years of this beautiful experience, I decided that to really enjoy my Motherhood celebration, I would rather be sitting at the table with my family and enjoying their banter and excitement of the day.
This Sunday Morning I awoke to the smell of sausage cooking and hustling about in my kitchen. Cody measuring for the second batch of waffle batter....

 My three men, Russell, Cody and Skyler were busy with my favorite breakfast of strawberry waffles. I was happy to hear that Brendon carried this tradition on for Stephanie.  
 As I peeked over the counter, Skyler was busily making a heart shaped pancake to go on top of my waffle.  At 23, he was just as excited as when he was 10, "see what shape this is mom?".  Loved the thought and the execution of his love. 

Having the blessing of both of our Grandma's close by, this year we celebrated with the Holmes clan.   I am so blessed with an amazingly talented loving, sweet woman to be a forever presence and example in my Mother In Law  ~ Hazel Holmes. 

Andi Lee is her 20th Great Grandchild, and Russell and I have 10 of those 20!!
Uncle Skyler is having fun with this sweet girl too!

Mom really appreciated Gerald and Kim's thoughtful gift of beautiful roses...

Our Niece Meredith thought they are pretty great too!
cousins, cousins everywhere!  Good food, people we love and celebrating the Mothers that we love!

Our Julia is in her 2nd trimester with a new addition to the family in late October.  Just one baby this time! Whew!! says this cute mommy!

Wally and Tommy were helping Grampa Holmes with weed control.
All in all we had a busy but very great day.  Celebrating Motherhood, in all it's complexity and simplicity. Happy Mother's Day to us all!!

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Stephanie said...

Great post. Loved reading how excited Skyler was about his heart-shaped pancake. :) Too cute!