Saturday, May 18, 2013

Celebration at Victress Bower

Being at a school with a staff of 50 people, administration, teachers, Instructional assistants, custodial, clerical, kitchen, and various support staff, it becomes a family, and after being at Victress Bower for 15 years this fall, I tell you...our work family knows how to celebrate! The month of May brings Day of the Teacher, Day of the Nurse, and Classified Week. 
 Nathalie Ford just celebrated 20 years at Bower.  Denise, Vicki and Connie enjoying the day!

 We come together one day and everyone cooks, and shares, and visits and we have a lovely time. This year, no exception.  We voted to have a mexican fiesta, and of course no one disappoints.  I traditionally bring in my chocolate chip cookies. I didn't one time, and boy...did I get in trouble!!   I get up at 5:00 am to make them, so they are fresh and yummy. 

Many are equally well known for their specialties. 

Sue Goudy's brownies,

Mr. Rob's Guacamole
Even Ms Jan our resident healthy eater...goes a little crazy on potluck day!!

Mostly we are known to be excellent creators of the delicious and delectable.  That's why when you begin work at Bower, we warn about the "Bower 30".  Yes it is typical if you regularly eat what is daily shared at Bower, you will be 30 lbs. heavier within a few years.  So beware!  We are loving, we are amazing cooks, and we shall snare you at this place we love to work!!

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Grammy Staffy said...

What fun!,, can I crash your potluck. Party sometime??? I need one of your cookies. Hugs, Lura