Monday, March 29, 2010

The things you do for a 6 year old!

My sister Lori and her hubby Brent were here for the weekend. William is their miracle baby, and only adorable child. He is hilarious. He found Jackson's T-ball set, and decided to organize a game. Russell, Lori and I (taking a break from cooking dinner) were on the "United States Eagles" and He, his dad and Grandma Pitt were the "Huntington Beach Sharks" My amazing 75 year old mother was the first one to agree to this fun time!Oh yes the Eagles also had Clyde the stuffed frog who had to have a turn at bat.
The Sharks had Pikachu on their team. We were all cracking up that this little man could get us all to participate in this rousing game of t-ball! Batter up!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gramma's Blog Bragging!

I know you probably have had enough of my Gramma blogging...BUT it is only the beginning!! The final count for this round of bubbas is in! READY? These are our 6 incredible babies!

My first grandchild love of my turning 3 in April. Hilarious, observant, smart and adorable! Hard to believe, but he went for 2 years all by his little self...and now...he shares with his little sister Daphne.
Our Daphne...this little angel has a smile that lights up a room! She is 9 months now, and pulling herself up, and getting all over the place! Can you say ADORABLE and DELICIOUS?

Kennedy Layne...what a sweetheart! She has stolen mine! At 4 months old, she is smiling, us raspberries! She giggles when I snuggle in and kiss her little neck. Our fair haired blue eyed blonde. Love this little bubba!Warner this little man is so fun! With momma's big blue eyes and daddy's mouth and chin...he has his dad's layed back disposition. He loves looking around and his smiles are heart melting! Reminds me so much of his daddy! These little twins had their special blessing day on Sunday...
Petite, tiny little Hannah. This girl is coming into her own. This past week she started smiling and cooing up a storm. Tuesday night I sat and talked to her for about an hour with her sweet little responding grins, just want to eat this little cupcake!

And now for Prince Henry! He is soooo cute. I really neeeeed to get my hands on this boy...trying hard to get to that Missouri place! Mom and Dad both have a slight cleft chin, we were waiting to see if he got it...yup, there it is! He looks fair, and mom and dad say he is doing so well. Eating, sleeping...good job for a little week old adorable one!
So there you have it the latest about the greatest grandbabies EVER!! I know it is tough competition out there...but it is what it is!

Friday, March 5, 2010


We have had the best year welcoming 5 new grandbabies into the family!! Our Brendon and Stephanie finished up our year of expecting momma's with the birth of Henry John Holmes! Born March 3rd at 5:16 pm. A healthy 8 lbs, 8 oz, 21" long. He is adorable...momma is beautiful, and she so did a great job, and handsome dad is in his glory.
Because they live in Missouri, I get to steal the pictures from their blog to show you Mr. Adorable Himself! Can't wait to hold him, and hug him, and kiss him, and love him, and sing to him...welllllllll you get the idea!! Welcome little bundle of love!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I would have loved it!

Marianne Warner was a kindred spirit. When we were in the same place, we would gravitate, sit together and catch up. Before she even moved to Corona, her sister in law, Cindy, told me, she was going to introduce us, because she knew we would hit it off. We surely did. My only regret is not spending more time with her one on one. Now she is not with us any longer. She is my daughter in law - Julia's mom. I miss her. I know Julia and her family miss her so much more.

Yesterday was Marianne's birthday, we would have been Gramma's together. We would have shared a love for our twin babies. My heart wishes it were so. I know she looks out for us all from her perfect place in heaven. I know it has not been easy for Julia to be without her. I would have loved sharing our babies. I would have loved it, as I love her.