Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elder Cody Holmes - comforting response!

Thank you for your love and support ! Sheryl

Here is Cody's email today.....

"I'm back in the world again! I'm sure most of you have heard of the situation with Honduras and its political problems. Well these last few days have been interesting with being on lockdown and everything. And the one thing that went through my mind this whole time was whether or not I would be able to see these people ever again or if I would have to finish my mission in some other place... What I realized is that I truely do have a love for these people and now that we've been let out to work again, it's given me hope that I can finish my work here where I belong. But who knows, anything could happen in these next couple of weeks. All I know is that whatever does happen, we're in the Lords hands and it's all in his wisdom. I really do thank everyone for the prayers that were given, every single one of them helped us out. Everything is great, it feels soooo good to be back out and working again!

I love you all!-Elder Cody Holmes

Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Elder in Honduras

My phone rang at 7:20 this morning, and on the other end was our Elder Holmes. Cody told the President, if he didn’t get to call me, and didn’t hear from him today, he knew I would be making many phone calls, so we spoke for about 10 minutes.

If you have seen any news this weekend, you know that the military has overthrown the current President. This picture is of the military during this coupe on Sunday. The President is a scary guy, in consort with Cuba and Venezuela. So….the missionary force is on lock down today.

As Russell and I spoke with Cody, he said it is eerily quiet there. I would think most citizens are choosing to stay in as well. Cody and his companion were allowed to go out and get supplies, and meet with members on Saturday, but as of yesterday, church services were called off and they are not to leave their homes and apartments. They have been asked to study their emergency procedures, and they are praying for things to be peaceful. So as the mom and dad of our Cody, we are asking for your faith and prayers in behalf of our Cody, and the others who are serving in Honduras.

When I arrived at home from work, there was a message on my machine from the Mission Home in Honduras. Letting us know that our son is fine, has food, and every precaution being taken. thanks to all who responded to my email....Prayers are everything!

We will update you as we hear.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cal Poly Pomona Graduate!

"Bachelors of Science Degree in the Study of Biology" That is what they announced for our Randi Holmes on Friday, June 12th! Our girl has worked hard and long to have this diploma in hand! Going from AA degree in Psychology, to a full time Sister Missionary for 2 years in Boise Idaho (time home for knee surgery in there) , returning home to change majors and schools, to a 5 year journey to receive her degree in Biology working full time and getting great grades, and next to venture out to go to graduate school working to receive a Masters Degree in Physician’s Assisting. So this next year she is going to be volunteering to get "patient hours", and a job in which her Biology degree will be of great use. Then applying to more graduate schools this fall.
We were waiting for the festivities to begin Grandma and Grandpa Holmes with Daddy Russell , Kelly and SkylerShe decorated the top of her mortarboard with her initials and glitter, can't miss that! Her Professors that I met, had great things to share about our bright and intelligent girl, and wished her well on her future endeavors. We went from Graduation to dinner, and had a great time with family and friends to celebrate this great day for our Great Girl!

the light of Cal Poly just dimmed a bit...cuz this bright girl is moving on....! Congrats Baby!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our baby girl is here!

As I arrived at the Denver airport on Friday afternoon, I received that greeting I was waiting for as My Jackson's face lit up, and he jumped to me! Love it! We stopped for a little yogurt at the airport. All afternoon and evening Heidi was having mild contractions then in the evening they were stronger, but quit when she moved around. The night was uneventful, but by morning the contractions were getting stronger and closer. We took an afternoon stroll downtown Brighton at the annual Cultural Street fair. Jackson got a kick out of the remote control dalmation on the fire engine!When we got home, we had lunch and took a nap. By about 5 pm Heidi was laboring well. She called her doctor’s service at we were at the hospital by 7:30. This is the little mom happy to be leaving for the hospital. It went very well, and she did great with pains strong and about 4 minutes apart before getting the epidural at about 9:30. Daphne Jill arrived at 12:57 pm officially on her due date of June 7th. She weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and measured 19 ½ inches. She's telling daddy all about it! She resembles her brother’s newborn pictures, but is her own little person. Gramma’s little beauty! She latched on to feed for 45 minutes immediately, and that was amazing, as nursing was a difficult process for Jackson at first. She wrapped her hand around her momma’s pinky finger…so sweet.
When Jackson arrived the next morning, he went right to his sister to give her hugs and kisses. He told "sister, I love you". Heart melter! Blessing to be gramma!!