Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dads- We love 'em!

In a family as big as ours, we are so much more likely to have people who have common birthdays. We have alot of doubles between my family and Russell's. It all began when Russell and I were dating and we found out that my dad, Warren Pitt, and my Russell were both born on June 24th.
Here they are blowing out the candles on one of their birthdays past...The list is quite long with other double birthdays .
This is one of my favorite Dads!
So we have a busy June, because we have Father's Day to celebrate, and Russell's Dad, John has a birthday on June 16th. This is our Grandpa Holmes playing the harmonica on Father's Day, which we love to hear and brings joy to our hearts. So this is a month to celebrate not only the Father's that we love to love for being our Fathers, but to celebrate their birthdays as well.

This year my dad turns 75! So we had a surprise party for him on the 14th at my brother's home. My dad was truly surprised. Here he is with my brother Steve and my brother Dennis who came in from Texas, and my sister Lori and her family came from Utah. We had a great dinner that we all put together it was wonderful, and we all enjoyed it so much. Good food, great family!We all gathered pictures for my nephew to put together into a power point presentation which we loved. My sister Lori, even videotaped 3 of my Dad's siblings in Utah reminiscing about growing up together. Another Long Story all together, since my dad is one of 16 kids.
Russell and dad Holmes cooking for Cody's farewell brunch.

Happy birthday to the most fabulous men I know, what a legacy they live and leave for our sons and daughters, and now a new generation, and those that will follow, of humble, honorable, talented and loving Godly men. We are blessed to have you!


Traci Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful post. Such a blessing to have awesome men in your life!

Grammy Staffy said...

What great pictures. Thank you for sharing with us. I wish both your dad and Russell a very happy birthday.

By the way, be sure to see me at church tomorrow. I have a little book I want to give you if you would like it.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to such great people!!!

Erin said...

What cool men you have! Sounds like you all had fun.

Heidi said...

wow... so sad we missed it.

Is that a new garage door? YAY!!!

Chrissie said...

Pretty special men in this post! I bet your Dad loved the party. Happy birthday to all.

Mama Bear said...

Yes...happy birthday to our fabulous June boys!!

Thanks for the well-wishes...can't wait for this little girl to come! I don't think I've ever felt this pregnant...even when I was 11 days late with Meredith! Ugh!

Kris said...

I love the picture! That was fun to see!

Pedersens said...

What a great post! Sounds like lots of fun & partys for June.