Saturday, May 28, 2011

Great stuff for blogging!

Saturday was a big day! We were invited to our great-nephew Roy Ferguson's 4th birthday party.. ~ slash ~ going away party for his family, as they are moving to Texas. My sweet niece Leah (Roy's momma) on the right, with Grant's family...It was a great day to have my new CAMERA!! Kennedy and Hannah loved the freedom of the park as they ran, and ran, and played and played. Kennedy was having fun on the slide going down by herself.
However Warner was sticking close to mom and dad.
Baby Harley being her sweet self...
After a few hours of hanging out with family and friends...we headed back home for another yummy gramma experience!!


Escobar Family said...

yay for a new camera and fun family outings!!!

Heidi said...

yay! I was wondering how that went. Miss seeing everyone.

Marie said...

Looks like a wonderful day Sheryl! how could it not be with all that cuteness around! xxoo

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun time.... what a delightful family. Love the pictures from you new camera.

I miss coming to church. I miss your smiles and hugs. Please tell everyone hello for me.
Hugs, Lura