Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Jordan!

My Pioneer Day baby. 23 today!
My Jordan is a funny guy…he is a fabulous soul!
Spirtual, Artistic and Poetic.
Kind as they come, moves to the beat of his own drum.
He is truly compassionate and warm hearted, though quiet.
Lover of music and technology, but mostly of his Breana. As most boys choose their brides, his chose him,
She had a plan, and he happily returned the attention! Now he and his bride of a year are soon to become parents in November.
We will get to hold the baby girl that this cute profile belongs to.Jordan will be an incredible daddy. His girl will be oh, so loved.
So another of my babies is having a baby…YAY!
Happy Birthday to my smiling, soft hearted, soft spoken, incredibly intelligent boy. Oh okay,… Man….Love you son!


Heidi said...

Happy happy birthday to Jordan! He is one great brother!!!

Breana said...

thanks mom.

Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan! Congrats, too, on the coming grand-daughter. My daughter in law is pregnant and due in February. I am hoping for a grand daughter to go along with the three grandsons! It would be so nice! But I'll be happy with any grandchild really, just so long as they and their mama's are happy and healthy!

Sundbergs said...

Happy Birthday to Jordan and I bet you can't wait to meet that new little girl.

jeanine said...

Happy birthday Jordan... and congrats on the new baby girl!