Friday, May 18, 2012

My Medical Children!!

We have had quite a week!!  On Wednesday evening, May 9th, Russell and I boarded a plane to fly to Kansas City Missouri, the beginning of our trip to Kirksville and to A.T. Still University Medical College of Osteopathy to spend some time with our family.  Brendon John Holmes graduated from Medical School!!  It has been a journey for him, but a dream realized.  He started telling me at age 7 that he was going to be a Doctor when he grew up. We discussed at a young age what kind of grades you had to have in school, and what kind of person you need to be to be able to become a Dr.  He more than complied.  It is a very long and wonderful story how it all came to be, but for now lets say on Saturday, May 12th, Brendon became an official Doctor!  Brendon lovingly acknowledges that he could not have done it without his amazing wife Stephanie by his side.  We have to agree whole heartedly. 
We spent time with Brendon, Steph, Henry 
and Maggie.  Steph's great parents, Aaron and Sue Gibson.

We arrived home late Sunday evening, and missed sharing Mother's Day with our family, but will catch up later!

Monday morning dawned with Russell have his second Cataract surgery. 

Then Thursday, May 17th, Dream #2 realized!!  Our AWESOME, and I do mean AWESOME daughter, Randi  Lee Holmes realized her hard worked for dream of becoming a Physician's Assistant. 
Thats right Randi Holmes MSPAC!! Masters in Physicians Assisting.  She has buried herself in academics, anatomy and physiology, textbooks and memorizations, what a journey!!  She was going to become a doctor as well at one time, but decided prayerfully that the Physician's Assistant Career was the one for 
her to follow.  Most people I tell, tell me that their experience with a P.A. has always been great.  I know that it will be the same for all who encounter my girl!!  Soooo 


You have filled your parents hearts with joy, and we know you will definitely make your mark with all that you meet as you serve, and heal.  WE LOVE YOU!!


Leanna said...

What an amazing family you have Mommy Holmes!!! Many heartfelt congratulations from the Escobars for such celebratory occasions! So happy for Brendon and Steph and for Randi. So so awesome what they have accomplished! I have a few friends here in Atlanta that are PAs and it is awesome that they can work and be home too...and be so competent when medical help is needed. Congrats to your family!!!

Lauri said...

What great accomplishments! Congratulations to everyone.

Marie said...

Sheryl! How wonderful. You must be so proud and quite rightly so! Congratulations to your children on these fabulous accomplishments! You and Russell are such a cute couple! Love you to bits! xxoo

Heidi said...

So great! Wish we could have traveled to see all the great exctiement! Love them all too!

Sundbergs said...

What a wonderful week! Congrats to your wonderful children what amazing accomplishments!

Lisa said...

The whole family is so proud of these kids! Shows what great parents they have! I just wish I wasn't out of the country and could have celebrated with you! Happy times for you! Congratulations to you and these great kids.
Love you,