Sunday, May 20, 2012

My mom turns 78!!

 My momma, Geri Pitt, turned 78 on May 18th!! Those of us who could gathered at one of new found favorite eatin' spots - Corky's Kitchen and Bakery.  This is my beautiful mother!!  Getting a hug from our Jordan before dinner is served. 
 Nieces Kaylee and Kindy are happy to be here!
 Skip is really happy to be here, but doesn't like his picture taken...but guess what being his sister in law, I take it anyway!! My sister Karen is always happy that I do!
 Our Pops Warren Pitt enjoying a night out with the family!
 I get a cute smile combination from our Breana and Kennedy!
 Karen and her daughter in law Dejah - love these girls!!
Nephew Mike Morris and his baby sister Kristy smilin' those great smiles!
 This is one amazing pancake for Harley and Kennedy!!
When we arrive home....we sing  Happy Birthday and eat cake, and Momma loves it all!!


Grammy Staffy said...

Your mom is beautiful. She does not look 78! What a sweet family you have.... and congrats on that new Doc in the family. It was nice to have you back. We miss you when you are gone.
Hugs, Lura

Marie said...

What a beautiful lady your mother is. LIke Lura, I don't think she looks 78 at all!! My mom turns 80 in July and I am happy that I will be there to help her celebrate. xxoo

Heidi said...

Happy Happy Birthday Grandma!! Love you!

Lisa said...

Sorry I missed your birthday Auntie Geri! I hope it was a great one for you are such an angel lady! Miss you and look forward to your joining me for my wedding!
Love you tons,