Friday, August 13, 2010

Kindred Spirit

My friend Pam has moved.... I have amazingly in my life come across in each season and time a kindred spirit. A sister-friend who's spirit connect is strong and you just know you knew each other before this mortal journey. This is Pam Burch. From the moment she moved here from Arizona, it was there. We knew.
After over a decade of sharing lives, kids growing, kids dating, kids marrying, becoming Grammas, she is going back to Arizona for her husband's work. Sadly, we are not just losing Pam...but her husband Paul has been our Stake President for the last 5 years, and we are going to miss his wisdom and connect to the spirit guiding our Stake as well.

Pam, Michelle and I have been able to be lunch buddies. Pam and Michelle have both been able to retain their stay-at-home status, while I went to work. In doing so, Pam and Michelle and I have been able to meet for lunch for our birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's day. We have shared pictures, gifts, hugs, laughs and an appreciation for good husbands, and children who fill our lives so completely.

So my sister/friend....kindred are not finished with me yet. You have filled my cup so many times, just when I needed it, you always seem to know. See you soon....Love, Sheryl


Heidi said...

one of the sweetest families for sure!

Grammy Staffy said...

I am going to miss Pam too. She is a wonder that you two are kindred spirits.

This is a nice post. I am sad that we were in Utah and did not get the notice about the goodbye party. We were back in time to go but missed it because we didn't know about it.
I bet that everyone came out to express their love and appreciation. The Burches are the best and I wish them good luck.

Grandma Kris said...

Just seeing Pam's face in your photo makes my heart ache. How can we do without her? An angel has departed from our midst.

Craig and I were in Arizona for our grandson's blessing. We were SO SAD to not attend the good bye party. AGGHHHH!