Monday, June 21, 2010


Today was the first Monday in two years that I didn't email my missionary son.
Because Today, I woke to find him in my Family room.
Today I rejoice in 6 children who have served the Lord on His errand.
Because Today I smile thinking about the lives they were able to touch.
Today I continue to pray that a 7th will find his way to this service.
Because Today I am reminded that the Lord knows my children better than I.
Today, returned missionary or not, they are better for His tutelage, His guidance, His Everlasting Love.


Marie said...

Great post Sheryl. I am sure that you are enjoying having your son home so very much and that he is enjoying sharing his missionary stories with you all. Happy days! xxoo

Westover's said...

Great post! You couldn't have said it better! I love you!

Grandma Kris said...

Isn't it just the best-having your missionary home?
This morning I was reading Alma27. Verses 17 718 always remind me of how I felt each time my missionary boys came home. The joy filled me to capacity-to the point that I imagined swooning and being taken out of the airport via stretcher an ambulance. Fortunately that never happened...but it could have.
Look at verse 18. The interpretation of the type of person who could feel such joy is amazing. It made me realize that a wicked person could never feel the joy I was feeling! Isn't that sad? I had never realized that so specifically. The more righteous we become the more we can love.