Monday, June 7, 2010

A Walk in Remembrance

A Walk in Remembrance

My daily walk is reminder of

My Savior's ultimate price of love.

My gift to him is a path pursued

In reverenced awe am I subdued.

Awake each day a gift is given

Love as he, steps closer to heaven.

A hand, a smile, a choice well made,

Honors that path our Savior paved.

Obedience, remembrance, a change of heart,

Completes the canvas, my earthly part.

My daily walk is reminder of

My Savior's ultimate

Sheryl Holmes


Heidi said...

Very Nice Momma! you are so talented! xoxo

Marie said...

Just beautiful Sheryl. so very good to see a post from you! xxoo

Stephanie said...

Very well said. I don't think I've ever really thought of obedience as a way of honoring His sacrifice. Thanks for the insight!

Escobar Family said...

beautiful mommy holmes! thank you for sharing!

Elise B. said...

I love your poems! I still have your "Mirror Mirror on the Wall" poem you wrote when I was in Young Womens. What a wonderful talent!

Grammy Staffy said...

What a beautiful poem Sheryl... and the nicest part of all is that those are not just words you wrote... it is the life you live.
I love you and the good example you set for us. Hugs, Lura