Saturday, April 4, 2009

Surfer dude turns 24!

The surfer on the left that is!
This is a favorite picture of mine!!
My Grant is 24! I remember when this little guy came into the world. He was my little small dark and handsome boy, and grew to a tall dark and handsome man. Grant was so easy to raise. Very sweet baby, easy going, athletic little guy , and a hard working young adult and man. Grant is one like his dad who likes order, a place for everything, everything in it’s place. He married our sweet Julia, just a year ago, and they are perfect for each other. We can’t wait to see what my little grandbabies will be. Soccer playing boys with ballerina grace, or ballerina girls with athletic prowess on the field. A little of both!! No big rush kids, but I am ready when you are! Wink wink!


Grandma 'Kiss' said...

Happy Birthday Grant. He is a hunk, I tell you!
His honey sure did a wonderful job speaking in conference. I was very impressed and amazed. Grant sure did marry a wonderful woman.
Sheryl you are a blessed woman.
Happy Palm Sunday

jeanine said...

Happy Birthday Grant!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Grant!!! Very sweet tribute!

Tonya said...

fun peeking in to see how blessed your family is! Adorable kids and grandbabies too! Hope all is is always so cheerful stopping in on your blog!




Heidi said...

Love that! Grant did get a great girl. I am just as excited to see what their babies look like. I want to be an aunt!

Sara's Memoirs said...

Yes, i say now. babies right now. please.

Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Grant! What an incredibly good looking family you have Sheryl! Obviously great genes. Your grandbabies are going to be gorgeous!