Friday, July 11, 2008

Tag - I'm it...and you may be next!

I was tagged by my friend Lura. She was tagged by a fellow blogger in England, and called it a “meme” I guess that means things about me. Lura and I have been in the same ward for years off and on, and she has always been so sweet to me. I have gotten to know her and her family better by reading her blog. That’s what I love about this. I see it as scrap booking on line, and it’s the best.

The tag is to mention 6 things about yourself. Sooo….Some may be things you know about me already, some may be new to you.

I grew up in Huntington Beach California and attended Edison High School. I loved choir and followed my older brother and sister into the program. They were both in the Acappella choir, and so I auditioned and made it first try for my freshman year. Then I auditioned for Madrigals for my soph, junior, and senior years, and never made it. I figured out later that it was because I was auditioning in the Soprano section, and could not hit the notes clearly and powerfully, and the choir teacher did not have me try for alto positions, which I truly am….so Senior year, I quit and spent my time in the art hall, which was my other love in High School.

I did not date much in High School. I was the girl who was everybody’s buddy. I found out later that my brother who was just 2 years older than me basically told his friends that I was off limits. So I usually went on dates as a “double date”, so my friends could date my fun and beautiful cousin Lisa. So at the time it was a bit lonely, but in college after I got in shape playing raquetball and running, I got a little bit more attention, and married right after I turned 20.

I am extremely claustrophobic! The thought of going into caves, tunnels, any tight spot - no way! Even my feet are clausto! Need to be able to kick my shoes off, or wear sandals whenever possible. Straps buckled to my ankles - NO WAY…

I am a pack rat….no big surprise to most. I have a very hard time throwing things away. I attach too much sentimentality to a lot of things. A few years ago my mom told me that she heard that it is a form of selfishness to keep things you are not using when someone else could be using them, so it is easier to send things to the thrift store thinking someone can use them.

I am a craft-aholic. I have always loved being creative, seeing something come to life. Be it sewing, painting, wood working, scrap booking….Fun stuff for me. Just wish I had more time these days to do it.

I love Last year I discovered it for Christmas shopping. Then I found many things that I wanted like music, videos, books that I did not know where else to look. It has created some great memory lane type gifts for my family. Love the wish list concept. Gonna have my kids get on there with me and Randi this year, and create a list to make my shopping easier.
So there you have a long post that you may or may not care to know about me…. ;)

So now I tag 6 of my blogger friends

Stephanie - my sweet daughter-in-law
My sister Lori -needs to blog more anyway!
My Heidi - my blog teacher and momma of my Jackson
My niece Ashley Lee - new momma and blogger extrodinaire
My friend DeAnne Kalayji - super momma of 3 busy boys, and hope she can squeeze it in!
My friend Starla - nursing student and adventurer- one of my all time favorite young women!

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on the blog
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
Now it is my turn to play. I've tagged you six and you're it


carolyn said...

such a cute post,
and I need to look at now that you mention it! oh, mr. giorgetti always told stories about you and your siblings being in choir with him and how much he wanted all of your kids to be in nhs choir!!!

Starla said...

Guess what!? I already did it!

Brett, Ashley, and Kennedy said...

Ok, my post is up. Take a look!

Grammy Staffy said...

I love learning more about you. Thanks for doing the tag.

You underestimated your art talent. You are sooooo artistic! I still use all of the seasonal yard decorations you made and love them.

I don't know about Amazon but it sounds like I need to learn.

I got Jordan's wedding invitation today. They are such a cute couple.

Luv ya, Lura

DeAnne said...

I just finished my tag! Thank you for sharing about yourself. I love learning new things about you!

Stacie A said...

I really loved reading all about you! Starla tagged me too and I enjoyed doing this post. Thanks for sharing. :)

jeanine said...

I am a pack rat too... I have such a hard time throwing things away that bring back such fond memories!

Emily said...

I loved reading your post! Your such a great person and crafts are the best!

Sundbergs said...

Such an adoreable post. You are such a cute women. I love you.