Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Need a hug?

There are huggers in the world,
And I am one.
There is not any question that I am.

Ask anyone who knows me.
The reactions you get to hugs are many and varied.

Not everyone is a hugger!!
Now this is beyond my scope of Comprehension,
But…it is true.

There are those who melt into your hug,
Those who power back with a bear hug.

Those who are NOT huggers who stiffen,
And impatiently wait for it to be over.
Those who give you a removed tap, tap on your back
While enduring and making it as short as possible,

Then those who are also huggers and will happily hug back.

Hugging is warm, and loving.
Hugging says,
I am so glad you are in my life.

Now if you give or get a kiss on the cheek
To go along with the hug….
All the better.

I come from a long line of huggers.
When Russell first started meeting my aunties
My mom’s sisters,
They would give him that good old Hanson bear hug,
And he would be looking over their shoulders,
Eyes wide…with that “HELP!” look.

See the Holmes were not always huggers,
But with me around for the last 30 years,
At least they are when they get a hug,
Cuz they know “ready or not, here I come”
Now a days, I just feel their love in return.
Sometimes it is with a giggle, knowing it’s inevitable.

Now many of my family know that if you are REALLY lucky
Along with that hug, you get a little tickle to the ribs.
The wiggle giggle soon comes after.
Nephews and nieces, inlaws, and newly acquired sons and daughters
Are the beneficiaries, cuz they are not resistance quite yet.
My kids still have their spots where I can still get em!
Sometimes with a little extra effort, oh but worth it!

I realized how much this is part of my life when I ran into a friend
at the grocery store. It is the only place I see her these days now that
our kids have grown. After we visited, I walked over and gave her
a hug before I said goodbye. From behind I hear "I want a hug", and there
was this elderly man, probably in his 80's, looking quite unkept, and I walked over
and gave him a hug. My friend looked at me like I was crazy, but hugged he got.

So next time I see you, you can come give me a hug, or get
Ready to be hugged, cuz you know, a hug is coming your way!!


Brendon and Stephanie said...

That's so cute that you gave that man a hug! Oh, how I LOVE the elderly. They have a special place in my heart.

We love your hugs! I could do without the tickles to the ribs, but I love your hugs!

Katie said...

So sweet...old people sometimes really need hugs.

I'm the impatiently wait until the hug is over type. I'm sad to say. I can love some one just as much without the hug.

Ashley said...

You're a better person than I am for sure. I love hugs but I am always reluctant to be the one to make the move. I'm going to have to work on that.

Chris and Jenn said...

That is too cute! I love the elderly, they are the sweetest people. I love your hugs too and your taught your girls well because everytime I see them I get a great hug too!

Cyndi said...

I have to admit, you and Jana are the best huggers I've ever met. I don't get to see you very often, but the hugs are long remembered! And...speaking of the kiss to go along with it, UNCLE WARREN & AUNT GERI come to mind first!! oh. I just love you guys!

Aaron and Caroline Haring said...

You always make everyone feel so comfortably loved. Just getting messages from you on my blog feels like a giant hug from you. It's no wonder people gravitate to you.

Julia Warner said...

I must say I love your hugs! I love the lederly too. That it so cute that gave him a hug. I went to the grocery store yesterday and there was the cutest old couple ever. They were one of those couples that you could tell didn't get out very often. I was in the cereal section, of course, and the elderly man said pointing at the cereal look at the size of these boxes. He said a ton of other cute things too. Anyway it was really cute.

Barbra said...

I feel the same as Caroline!!!
Since I am not there to hug you in person this is my "HUG" for you today!!!

Lauri said...

Who doesn't love a Sheryl hug? I didn't use to be a hugger but when I was RS president, my counselor taught me to be a hugger. I am still not a natural like you but I'm getting better at it.

Marie said...

We're huggers and patters here! Every hug comes with a few pats. It's a MUST! Kind of like tail wagging I suppose. Just lets the people we are hugging know we really love them and are truly happy to see them!

Emily said...

Haha! I love it Sheryl and you do give the best hugs! My cousin told me that she hates hugs, but she always gives me hugs because she knows it makes me happy and I feel loved when I am hugged! Its funny how we are all different. :)

Grammy Staffy said...

I love getting a Sheryl hug.
I've heard that the more hugs you get the longer you live.

Just think with all the hugging you do you may live to be 125.

Luv ya and your hugs, Lura

Emily said...

Whenever I think of people who are huggers I think of the Holmes! That is so fabulous! It makes me happy to think of you hugging that man in the store.

Aaron and Caroline Haring said...

Hi! Me again! How did you get your page to show how long ago your other blogger friends posted on the right side of your page? That would save me a lot of time if I had that. Please share!!

Rebecca said...

I just happened upon your blog and had to look around - it's unbelievable how much your family has grown...but then again I must have to. I still remember babysitting for you!! Now I run into your kids at all kinds of things - you know so many people I do and I had so much fun looking over your life just now. It was good to see you!! It made me a little reminiscent of the past and good ol Norco!

The Hardy's said...

You are such an awesome woman! Always so kind and loving!
Good seeing you at the broadcast tonight. What amazing talks!

Laurie Hardi

carolyn & charlie said...

i love getting your hugs,
that is something very
unique about you, your HUGS
and how you just know that
a small hug will brighten my day
and others

Britney Sander said...

i love this!

Nazar said...

You can never get too much of a good thing! Love the hugs!

Sundbergs said...

That is so cute. I love getting hugs from you and I have many memories of getting hugs from you at camp. Love you.

DeAnne said...

I love that you're a hugger. It always makes me feel special when I get one of your hugs! Now I'm going to be waiting for a rib tickle!