Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby've got the Cutest little baby face!

This little angel was blessed yesterday, June Marie Ferguson is our newest Holmes family great-grandchild and she is adorable! While we were celebrating her wonderful day, we were surrounded by the little family masters and misses...ready? Here are some of the darling's!

June's big brother Roy with his favorite "G-Pa" Mark

Russell's sister's boy Walter "Wally" Reese... It is fun having grandchildren of the youngest Holmes' being born alongside the Grandchildren of the Oldest siblings..yep that would be us!
Baby Nora's big blues....
Cousin Becki's little Luke....he is a doll baby!
Angel babies, I have a spot in my heart and my arms for every one!
I get laughed at often, because I can steal away a baby no problem.
I even stole little June away from her momma for a rock a bye to sleep.
It worked of course, but the sleep didn’t last long due to the volume problems
with a crowd of Holmes,
But I did enjoy it while it lasted!
Wonderful Holmes days spent two weeks in a row....truly Heavenly Being Holmes


Marie said...

What adorable children! You guys are so blessed!

Aaron and Caroline Haring said...

That photo of June just makes you want to pick her up and cuddle. Kids are what make family get-togethers entertaining.

Heidi said...

how fun! I miss everyone so much! we will have another one out here so soon! can you believe it momma? we are all so anxious!

The Blonde Duck said...

Thanks for visiting on Marie's featured day at the Pond! She's such a delightful woman. I always love meeting her friends--they're bound to be as sweet and wonderful as she is!

And if you ever need a babysitter for those sweet little ones, call me!

Grandma Kris said...

I wondered where you were on usually is FAMILY. Eventually you will never come to your home ward.
It is true...if there is a baby there is Sheryl.

Grammy Staffy said...

I agree with have adorable children in your family...of course they have adorable you too. No wonder you can steal them radiate love and kindness.

I am glad that it is so Heavenly being Holmes

Love, Lura

Rebecca said...

You really make being a grandma sound like a bit of heaven!!! Sometimes I can't wait!!