Monday, December 19, 2011

Sing We Now of Christmas!

It would be impossible to catch up with everything I haven't blogged, so I will go from today, just for pure sanity sake!

My dad has been in poor health this last year, and trips to and stays in the hospital, have become a too familiar experience. My brother Dennis lives in Texas, and he and his bride Jacy came this weekend to see dad, and Jacy's aunt. We decided to have a family home evening, dinner and celebration together. We came together for dinner at my brother Steve's house, we went caroling to a dear family friend's home, went to see my sister and niece perform in the Huntington Beach Stake Christmas music fireside (excellent), came back to the house for dessert and singing carols around the piano. This is our dad, Warren Pitt enjoying the caroling with our family.I just wish more of my family could have been there, it truly was a memorable evening.

My dad lives with my sister Karen right now in his health condition, Karen and Skip and their family take excellent care of him, and it is great to have him close to us. Karen has been compiling dad's personal history, and we were given the first chapter in a small spiral book form with pictures. It is really great to have this.

So now for some photo moments of our evening.

I took advantage of 5 of the 7 siblings being together, missing our Lori and Jana!
- one where we are being good.... And ya it really is! We really enjoyed the singing, our heritage and gift from our dad...our love of music.nieces Kristy and AlexisDennis and Jacy Kelli and Andrewand our Tara's musical talents at the piano. Steve and his buddy grandson - Conner just loves grampa! Gramma Cheryl is right up there too!! Amber and Carter enjoying the family time My mom Geri Pitt and my brother Dennis. We don't get enough time with him ever! Kristy and Alexis enjoying Randi's Rice Krispie treats! Tara and Emily giving me their gorgeous smiles! Wonderful night...missing so many of you that couldn't be there!!
Sing we now of Christmas!


Brendon said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. Love Grandpa Pitt!

We love you!

Brendon said...

-Steph :)

Grammy Staffy said...

What a lovely get-together. I am glad that you posted so many great family pictures. you have a wonderful family.

I am wishing you a Merry Christmas with lots of love. Hugs, Lura

The Yorgason Family said...

Love all the pictures you shared!! It really was a Wonderful night!! :0)

Marie said...

First of all I love your new header with all the grandbabies! Sweet. I am sorry to hear that your father has been so poorly this year and I will add Grandpa Pitt to my prayer list. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures and happy smiles. Family times ARE the best of times. Love and hugs and Merry Christmas wishes to you all! xxoo