Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I found this as I went on to browse...still struggling with blogging in the actual writing...putting in pictures...so I tend to give up. The new school year has begun, so after an amazing vacation, I am back to work. But I just cant stop thinking about our FAMILY VACATION! Brendon found a vacation rental home that fit all of us, yes, that is right, all 28 of us. Skyler didn't make it due to living in Seattle Washington currently, but all the rest of us came together for a great time. When we arrived at the house, it was even better than the pictures. 6 bedrooms, three baths, an office, two kitchens, two family rooms, on half an acre with grass to run, concrete to maneuver bikes and scooters, a swing set complete with monkey bars and rings for climbing and swinging around. Perfect place for cousins and siblings to create bonds of this familial love that is so important.
This place also brought us close to water, at the Pineview Reservoir in Huntsville Utah. We spent two days romping in the water, lazily floating, and then....on the Sea-Doos. Everyone Loved them. We kept two of them going for 4 hours straight. The grandkids were loving it as much as the adults, and this Gramma got to hold babies while Moms and Dads took rides together. The last ride of the day, Brendon and Steph talked me into going out, and it was great. Brendon did not disappoint in the maneuvering!
The grandkids were hitting the backyard as soon as they could daily, learning and showing off new skills. Saturday was arrival day, Sunday was church at the local ward Monday was a day to acclimate to the area. Tuesday the waterplay began and we just played the rest of the week. Each day there were scheduled activities and down time, yummy meals were planned and eaten so very well. Games were played, adults laughed and reminisced! Kids giggled and ran and loved. We hired a photographer to catch our ever growing and fabulous family. I am so blessed to have this crew as we strive to be together for Eternity with our Patriarch Angel. We did good Russell Holmes.


Brendon said...

Such a fun trip. Makes me want to head up there next weekend. I love how this family enjoys being all together for an entire week, complete with games, activities, and lots of talking.

Yes, you've done good!


Heidi said...

Yes, you've done good!! I sure loved that vacation!! Until next time!! I think its a spot worth revisiting!!

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