Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CO - Ch. 3 - Snow and Sky

Well as beautiful as the day was for the Zoo on Tuesday, Thursday morning dawned with SNOW! About 4-5 inches, with swirling snow falling. It was beautiful.
Being a Southern California born and raised boy, Skyler was quite enamored by it all. He quickly donned boots, gloves and down jacket of Matt's and out he went.
Soon he was given "snowpeople" toys, a snowball maker, and an igloo brick maker, and he was out in it all morning. He even got some shoveling duties. It was great.
Those of us inside were the recipients of snowball flying on our windows. Much to the chagrin of Matthew, Skyler blessed the homes and yards of a few of the neighbors with snowballs also (that was short lived!)


SHIRLEY'S said...

that was fun! we miss you guys so much!

Dean & Pennie said...

I'm so glad you're blogging now!!! Now I really have some ammo to use to get my mom started. I'm sooo happy for Grant and everyone. CONGRATULATIONS Holmes Fam!!