Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Poetry Holmes Style

Rhyme Time!

I have a habit of writing in Rhyme, so the 11 years I went to Girls Camp as an adult leader, my camp name was "Lymeric" (mispelled on purpose). I enjoy writing rhyming poetry for lessons and object lessons, and to this day remember the first poem I wrote at 7 years old for a 2nd grade assignment. Looking out my bedroom window, as the bird landed on the brick wall, these words came to me: (think 7 years old)

Little robin red-breast high upon the wall,

Little robin red-breast has no fears at all,

Little robin red-breast eats and eats all day,

Little robin red-breast does it only to stuff it away.

Little robin red-breast waits patiently through the night,

Until he wakes up to the wonderous morning light.

So my mother being my terrific mother, encouraged my interest into what some call a talent, I am not so sure. But a great thing is that many of my children are writers too. Some prose is their thing, others thoughts and perspective, others poetry. Brendon and Jordan particularly have enjoyed writing poems to express feelings. Jordan wrote some great poems on his mission that he shared with us here at home, and Brendon has written poetry for those close to him.

On Mother's Day, Jordan won my heart again, by writing an original poem in a card he made. It is sweet and made laugh and made me cry. Not given to you all in total agreement of the words of praise, but in hopes that you enjoy as I did...as it speaks of so many of us and what we love to do for our babies big and small.....

"Our mom's the greatest in the world,
she's done so much for us,

Like drive us all the way to school,
if we had missed the bus.

She'd paint and sell her wooden crafts
so Christmas would be great,

And make us eat all of the veggies
that were on our plate.

She organized a chartof chores
so our house would stay clean,

And if we didn't do them,
she would never get real mean.

But let us know that we should get up
and clean up our home,

Unless we wanted to spend
our whole weekend home alone.

She cooks and cleans and does the laundry
for a family of 10,

And still has time to get dolled up
like Barbie for her Ken.

Her cookies are the best
in this entire world because

She adds that extra item in the mix
that she calls "love".

So Happy Mother's Day to this great woman
we call mom,

She's wonderful, she's great,
I think you might say she's the bomb!"

You are an adorable hunk of a son...21 years old, and still as sweet as ever!


Kim (Davis) Loudon said...

AHHHHHHHHHH! I hope I will get one of those someday! he wasn't joking about the cookies!!! You probably have all kinds of secret recipes I will need to steal...great big family recipes for busy moms. You need to publish all your good secrets for us moms who are still in training.\"/ We love you and are sooooooooo thankful for your example!

Barbra said...

I treasure those two AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL poems that you wrote us for Girl's Camp. You have a wonderful talent and gift. I enjoyed the Mother's day poem, thank you for sharing it. What a sweetie Jordan is. I hope you had a great Mom's day and with your incredible kids, I am sure you did:)!!
Have a wonderful day :)!!!

SHIRLEY'S said...

That sounds like Jordan indeed!

Lauri said...

Isn't it nice to have a son who can express himself so well? Like mother like son! You've done some great things over the years.

Several years ago I was teaching a class and the students were writing children's stories. It got my juices flowing and I wrote a book/poem about shoes. I had my sister illustrate it. It was a gift for Katie but my sister and I have talked several times about getting it published we were so proud of it.

Stacie A said...

That was just fun to read! Thanks for your sweet comments. I hope you and your family are doing well. :)

sharon kaye said...

You have a great talent for writing. If I remember correctly you wrote poems for Young Women--a poem about a hanger for a temple dress.